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Ab-Solution Plus, Fat Emulsifying Treatment, 8 oz., Ab Solution Plus, From VyoTech Absolution
Vyo Tech

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  • Ab-Solution Plus, Fat Emulsifying Treatment, 8 oz., Ab Solution Plus, From VyoTech Absolution

Ab-Solution Plus, Fat Emulsifying Treatment, 8 oz., Ab Solution Plus, From VyoTech Absolution

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Ab Solution Plus The Anti-Cellulite and Fat Emulsifying Treatment for Rock Hard Abs and Body! Everyone has fat cells. Unfortunately, some fat cells naturally retain a higher percentage of fat then others, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate unwanted fat in certain areas of the body. Since our bodies are programmed to store this fat, dieting and exercise usually fails to release it. Thus, science must step in and do what nature won't do on its own... LIBERATE STORED FAT! The Medical Fact As To Why Ab-Solution Plus Is The Slimming Cream That Actually Works! Ab Solution Plus Use THE LIPOSOME DELIVERY SYSTEM Ab Solution Plus utilizes a patented liposome delivery system which transports the "all natural active ingredients" directly through theskin and into the fat cells. The active ingredients in Ab Solution Plus increase metabolism (burning of fat) in the fat cells (reducing the size of individual fat cells and the thickness of the fat layer). AB-SOLUTION PLUS also increases moisture in the deepest layers of the skin (hydrating the skin for increased softness and smoothness, and improved texture). Over 160,000 men and women have used Ab-Solution Plus to lose inches - so can you! A scientific, double-blind, placebo-controlled research study showed that Ab Solution Plus fat reduction cream users lost an average of 2.1 inches from each thigh (a combined average of 4.2 inches) in only three weeks. In another blind study, subjects lost inches from and reduced up to 14% of the fat layer from the stomach and up to 15% from the arms in 30 days. Ab Solution Plus Benefits:
  • Ab Solution Plus Works for Men and Women
  • Ab Solution Plus Reduces Cellulite and Bodyfat deposits
  • Ab Solution Plus Clinically Tested and Proven Successful
  • Ab Solution Plus Easy To Apply, Non-sticky, non-greasy formula & mild cinnamon fragrance Derma Ab Solution Plus is Bio-engineered to Burn Body Fat
    Derma Ab-Solution Plus is the most effective topical fat loss product available without a prescription. Most commonly found in European obesity clinics, Derma Ab Solution Plus is used to break up fat pockets in cellulite specific areas of the body; hips, thighs, stomach buttocks, etc. Since itíŽs recent awareness, the health and fitness community is now generally using Derma Ab Solution Plus for pre contest fat loss. ItíŽs applied very similarly to other pre-contest creams such as, the popular LipoMax Gel. The Science behine Ab Solution
    Ab-Solution Plus works by releasing and mobilizing cellular fat within your chosen target area - forcing fat out of adipose tissue cells and into the blood stream to be used as energy. In just a few short weeks, your friends and family will be begging to know your secret. Although Ab-Solution has been scientifically researched and developed, those who use it consider Ab-Solution a "miracle".