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CBlock, Carbohydrate Inhibitor, 90 Tablets, By Absolute Nutrition
Absolute Nutrition

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  • CBlock, Carbohydrate Inhibitor, 90 Tablets, By Absolute Nutrition

CBlock, Carbohydrate Inhibitor, 90 Tablets, By Absolute Nutrition

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CBlock May Block Up To 35 Grams Per Meal!

CBlock is something every bodybuilder (or non-bodybuilder) can use! Even if you're not dieting for a show you can still use this product for enhancing definition. If you hate cutting way down on your carbs, you'll love CBlock.

C-Block's active ingredient is phaseolamine the processed extract of the Northern White Kidney Bean; an all natural compound.

The active ingredient is the trademarked "Trimplex" (phaseolus vulgaris) which has been shown to effectively prevent the body from absorbing up to 35 grams per meal of unwanted starches (about the size of a medium potato.) CBlock is safe. There have been no known reported side effects with this product. Order some right away and start losing body fat NOW!

C-Block also contains the compounds chromium and vanadium. Both of these compounds have substantial scientific evidence supporting their roles in the maintenance of stable blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar levels are critical for weight loss because chronically elevated insulin levels result in a dramatic repartitioning of macronutrients, (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) into adipose tissue (stored fats).

Deplete Fat Storage
By preventing the absorption of a portion of carbohydrates a person consumes each day, the carlories and sugar associated with those carbohydrates are eliminated from the diet which results in decreasing stored fats.

Carbohydrates that were once being stored as fats, are now being passed out of the body without any adverse side effects.