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Glycobol, 120 Capsules, By AI Sport Nutrition

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  • Glycobol, 120 Capsules, By AI Sport Nutrition

Glycobol, 120 Capsules, By AI Sport Nutrition

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Manufacturer : AI Sport Nutrition
UPC : 804879100980
Manufacturer Part #: 4960004
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Glycobol works, not like typical muscle gainers, but primarily by its ability to mimic and boost insulin. On its own, insulin is a powerful growth peptide, but it also plays a critical role in the action of androgens. Just like insulin, androgens are another fundamental class of endocrine hormones. Studies suggest that androgens fail to sustain a positive muscle nitrogen balance in the absence of insulin, emphasizing the critical role of insulin as a potential limiting factor to the anabolic capacity of androgens. Therefore, Glycobol could be combined with any of the commercially available androgens to optimize and exaggerate gains by its essential synergistic contribution. Insulin also interacts synergistically with GH, IGF and thyroid hormones to compound growth effects, even when these endocrine co-factors are only present at average physiological levels. Therefore, Glycobol can be used to achieve impressive natural muscle gains and body recomposition as an effective stand-alone agent too. Glycobol Benefits:
  • Promotes muscle mass, strength and endurance.
  • Encourages fat loss.
  • Improves recovery time by rapid glycogen resynthesis.
  • Provides lasting "pump", hardness and vascularity.
  • Drives amino acid and creatine uptake into muscle.
  • Increases muscle protein synthesis and inhibits breakdown.
  • Maximizes nutrient utilization.
  • Potent synergism with endogenous endocrine hormones.
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