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Ultra Hair Away STOPS Unwanted Hair Growth, 4oz.

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  • Ultra Hair Away STOPS Unwanted Hair Growth, 4oz.

Ultra Hair Away STOPS Unwanted Hair Growth, 4oz.

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Ultra Hair Away The ultimate answer for unwanted hair!

Ultra Hair Away is NOT just hair removal, but a total transformation of unwanted body or facial hair that makes it superfine and invisible. This pure, natural concentrate of powerful plant extracts actually changes hair at the follicular level, so that used over time, unsightly hair just vanishes. A huge improvement over shaving, waxing and depilatory creams no more mess, smell or hideous red bumps!

It's the result of years of biological research and development. It is a topical solution that is made from an amazing mixture of exotic plant enzymes. Very unique enzymes in very precise quantities.

Once applied, it saturates the base of the hair follicle and begins the unique process of stopping hair growth. Ultra Hair Away is so easy to use. Just spray, and it goes to work! It's 100% organic, so it's completely safe and painless.

The Permanent Solution For Unwanted Hair!
Clinical studies have conclusively proven Ultra Hair Away is effective in slowing down, and inhibiting hair growth. The results were also conclusive for gentleness to skin. The test showed Ultra Hair Away to be fast, effective and safe for all areas of the face and body.

Using Ultra Hair Away according to directions causes hair to become thinner and finer over weeks of application, until hair growth is inhibited completely!