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Comatose, 30 Tablets, By ALRI

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  • Comatose, 30 Tablets, By ALRI

Comatose, 30 Tablets, By ALRI

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Manufacturer : ALRI
UPC : 094922238016
Manufacturer Part #: 6560013
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Comatose Designed To Be The Ultimate Natural Relaxation Support Product! In our ever changing world of bad economics, really pissed-off significant others and extreme living, we all find a paramount desire to relax, sleep and hope to recover. ALR Industries designed Comatose for nighttime use, simply so you can potentially just feel great all of the time even while dieting... and sleep. Think about that: Train like an animal, burn fat fast, have way too much energy and be in a "let's do this" mood all day then hit the ultimate recovery chill pill at night: Comatose. Think around the clock fat burning... Warning: Science Geek Stuff Follows Hmmm... so what physiological results would I personally want seriously supported from a nighttime product design like Comatose™? Well, obviously cool mood enhancement and a good night of sleep of course, but what else?
  • 1) Fat Loss
  • 2) Increased Lean Mass
  • 3) Accelerated Recovery
  • Think about it. Why would you want to be in a good mood, lose fat or build muscle only during the day? Hmmm, are 24/7 results possible? Interesting Research: GH and GABA If you have been awake in the last few years you have likely heard a lot about GABA (Gamma-amino-beta-hydroxybutyric acid). GABA is an amino acid that is also a neurotransmitter naturally produced by our bodies or ingested as a supplement. GABA has several cool effects, some on the nervous system as well. Examples would be supported brain function and enhanced sleep leading to increased recovery. Remember not all supplemental GABA is created equal! Get Comatose from ALR Industries: Take a Break From Reality!