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Alvita Rosemary Leaf Tea Bags, Caffeine Free, 30 Tea Bags, 1.5 oz (43 g)

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  • Alvita Rosemary Leaf Tea Bags, Caffeine Free, 30 Tea Bags, 1.5 oz (43 g)

Alvita Rosemary Leaf Tea Bags, Caffeine Free, 30 Tea Bags, 1.5 oz (43 g)

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Manufacturer : Alvita
UPC : 726016005142
Manufacturer Part #: AE0101
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Since 1922
Native to the Mediterranean region, where warmer temperatures prevail, Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) was introduced to Britain by the Romans. Boughs of Rosemary have has many uses in the past. They were carried at weddings, used to freshen rooms, and burned as incense. They are also used as pungent flavoring in cooking. The leaves, fresh or dried, can be used with chicken, meats (especially lamb), stews, breads, pizzas and vegetables. Dried leaves can also be added to the coals of barbecues near the end of cooking to impart Rosemary's characteristic flavor to meats. In addition to its varied culinary uses, Rosemary also has a history as a health-giving herb. In 1525, Banckes' Herbal, the first book devoted exclusively to herbs and their uses, was printed in England and included Rosemary. Early Arabian physicians are credited as the first to recommend this fragrant herb as a tea. Today, it is still enjoyed, often before retiring for the evening.
For more than 75 years, long before it became fashionable, Alvita was championing the profound health-giving properties of herbal teas. We travel to the far reaches of the globe for the finest herbs, the best growers, the most precious sources.
Small wonder that so many consumers trust the Alvita name. Today, it stands for more than 100 different teas, including classic single herb varieties, and our unique Alvita blends. The package you hold in your hand combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern traditional science, and brings to you all the richness and benefits of herbal teas. This philosophy is the very reason why you will find sensible, English pillow style tea bags that are oxygen bleached, not chlorine treated. And why you won't find any strings, tags or staples.
We thank you for choosing our product, but more importantly, we thank you for the trust you've put in the herbal values that we all share.
Alvita. Natural herb teas that are good for you and the environment.