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Amino 1900, 300 Tablets, By Universal Nutrition
Universal Nutrition

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  • Amino 1900, 300 Tablets, By Universal Nutrition

Amino 1900, 300 Tablets, By Universal Nutrition

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Manufacturer : Universal Nutrition
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Amino 1900 Advanced Bodybuilding Amino Acids Supplement

Universal's Amino 1900 is the highest quality amino acid formula available. Amino 1900 is an incredible break-through in sports supplementation. Amino 1900 containing the highest potency and purest concentration of superior peptide-bonded amino acids. Amino 1900 exclusive formula is scientifically-balanced to help you achieve optimum muscle growth, faster recuperation, and improved performance. Readily assimilated by your working muscles, Amino 1900 is vital to the retention of nitrogen within your body. Each serving of Amino 1900 is also packed with the three essential BCAA's (L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine), which are direct precursors to building muscle tissue and increasing lean body mass. Increase your muscle mass, strength, nitrogen balance, and protein synthesis. Amino 1900 is rich in Methionine & BCCA' s.

Whey protein hydrolysates yield some of the highest quality peptide-bonded amino acids available. Studies show that di- and tri-peptides are more rapidly assimilated and utilized by working muscle than either free form aminos or whole, intact proteins such as conventional whey protein powders. Amino 1900 fuels your muscles with 1900mg of peptide-bonded whey hydrolysates per tablet and comes enhanced with special digestive enzymes and Vitamin B6. When it comes to filling your muscular pipeline with valuable aminos to kick start protein synthesis, reduce protein catabolism, and improve nitrogen retention, Amino 1900 is the answer.