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VP2, Whey Protein Isolate, Citrus Splash, 2 lbs, By AST
AST Sport Science

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  • VP2, Whey Protein Isolate, Citrus Splash, 2 lbs, By AST

VP2, Whey Protein Isolate, Citrus Splash, 2 lbs, By AST

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Manufacturer : AST Sport Science
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Manufacturer Part #: 10067
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It's Not How Much Protein You Eat, It's How Efficiently Your Body Uses The Protein!

In 1992 AST released the first whey protein to the sports nutrition world. Building muscle has never been the same. But you know what? Whey protein technology has advanced more in the past 7 years than any other supplement category. That's right. The advancement in whey protein science has been staggering.

Funny thing though, just about every whey protein on the store shelves today is made using 7 year old science. As much as whey protein technology has advanced more and more "old-science" whey is being pushed onto the market.

Why is this? Simple. Profit! Whey protein is a broad description of a protein fraction derived from milk. What this means is you can have a very poor denatured whey protein concentrate and a highly refined whey peptide isolate and label each one whey protein.

Whey Proteins are not created equal:
Just because it says "Whey Protein" on the label does not mean you are getting the complete muscle-building benefits new science has to offer. In fact, if you are using another protein besides VP2 Whey Isolate then you are not putting the latest science to work for you. Science that could accelerate muscle growth!

New VP2 Whey Peptide Isolate:
Building lean solid muscle requires a daily intake of protein. Muscle is protein. Without this essential nutrient all the training in the world won't help you. To build muscle your body requires extra protein for tissue repair and growth. But just eating extra protein to feed trained muscles hardly makes the grade when maximum growth is what you are looking for.