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Adipo-X + Xtract, 90 Capsules, Adipo X, From Axis
Axis Labs

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  • Adipo-X + Xtract, 90 Capsules, Adipo X, From Axis

Adipo-X + Xtract, 90 Capsules, Adipo X, From Axis

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Adipo-X Maintain Lean Body Mass While Burning Fat And Controlling Appetite! Adipo-X is one of the most effective, most innovative, scientifically engineered fat loss formula designed to boost your metabolism, heighten energy levels and improve mental focus and vigor. It uses a liquid capsule delivery system for rapid maximum absorption. Adipo-X increases the metabolism safely and naturally with the most unique fat burning formula ever developed. Adipo-X destroys fat and lets you get ripped, while allowing you to retain your hard earned muscle. The key to Adipo-Xís successful fat loss technology is a multiple pathway approach. Unlike many other weight loss products that try to tackle fat loss through one biochemical pathway or ingredient, Adipo-X approaches fat loss in seven different ways. 1. Adipo-X Increases the release of the main adrenal fat loss hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine
2. Adipo-X Enhances the fat loss signal molecule by preventing the messenger molecule cAMP from being broken down
3. Adipo-X Prevents the fat loss hormones from being broken down, which allows the fat loss signal to work continuously
4. Adipo-X Prevents alpha adrenergic receptors from stopping the fat loss process
5. Adipo-X Increases the thermogenic uncoupling process
6. Adipo-X Prevents fat synthesis following meals high in sugar or fat
7.Adipo-X Supports thyroid function The seven step approach to fat loss makes Adipo-X an very effective fat burner. You havenít experienced fat loss like this since ephedra. Adipo-X is the perfect addition to your diet and exercise program and it will:
  • Maintain lean body mass while burning fat
  • Control Appetite and Prevent overeating
  • Ramp up energy metabolism (thermogenic)
  • Utilize stored body fat as an energy source (lipolysis)
  • Support thyroid function
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Improve mental focus, clarity and mood
  • Detailed overview of the multiple steps Adipo-X uses to increase fat loss: The problem with weight loss products that only approach fat loss through one pathway or ingredient is that the body has a way of quickly adapting to any attempt to increase in lipolysis (fat breakdown) or thermogenesis (fat burning). This is called homeostasis, a method of keeping your body in a specific balanced state. Adipo-X uses multiple pathways to allow your body to enter a state of continual maximal fat burning. Adipo-X turns on the fat burning machinery and keeps you in a fat burning state.