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E-Bomb, 60 Capsules, E Bomb, From BCS
BCS Labs

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  • E-Bomb, 60 Capsules, E Bomb, From BCS

E-Bomb, 60 Capsules, E Bomb, From BCS

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E-Bomb, 60 Capsules, E Bomb, From BCSbcs-e-bomb-60 E-Bomb 60 Capsules With research and development being the corner stone of Body Conditioning Solutions we have found that the Russian's have long dominated strength competitions for over 40 years. E-Bomb 60 Capsules With intense research in the Russian market we have discovered one common factor in supplementation though out Russia, which has contributed to the success of their strength competitions. E-Bomb 60 Capsules The ingredient can stimulate NEW MUSCLE GROWTH and increase fat loss to a level that has been unheard of to everyone here in the United States. E-Bomb 60 Capsules This unique ingredient is extracted at a 97% or greater purity for Rhaponticum carthmoides and is called Ecdysterone. The Ecdysterone in this product has been directly imported from Russia to give you the highest quality possible. This exclusive formula is standardized for 20% L-dopa to help increase HGH levels (human growth hormone) to pack on lean and increase the body's ability to break down fat!* This product is called Competition series E-BOMB, and when taken as directed can enhance and shred body fat when coupled with an intense workout schedule.* Competition series E-BOMB™ is equipped with an oral delivery system (Bioperine) to increase the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and protein that are essential for muscle growth. Bottom line, Competition series E-BOMB is a powerful compound to say the least and based on the research, it can definitely help you maximize your workout potential. Benefits: E-Bomb 60 Capsules Your muscles are made up of protein and nitrogen. Competition series E-BOMB allows your body to retain more of the protein you consume and convert it over to more muscle building nitrogen. E-Bomb 60 Capsules Decreases body fat by directly impacting your body's ability to synthesize protein and increase the amount of nitrogen in the muscle.