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Baby Needs Chocolate, Box of 5 Bars, From Bellybar

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  • Baby Needs Chocolate, Box of 5 Bars, From Bellybar

Baby Needs Chocolate, Box of 5 Bars, From Bellybar

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Baby Needs Chocolate -- Box of 5 Bars, From Bellybar

Baby Needs Chocolate Bellybar It's not an excuse - the baby really does need chocolate. And so do you! Take this moment to celebrate. Indulge yourself. Satisfy your cravings. Eat more chocolate. The Today Show and Fitpregnancy recommend Bellybar. TODAY SHOW Host and Mom-To-Be Giada de Laurentiis and Nutritionist Elizabeth Somer highlighted the best foods to eat when pregnant, including Bellybar! How is Bellybar different from other snack bars? Bellybar is uniquely fortified to provide key prenatal vitamins and minerals women need before, during and after pregnancy. NutraBella conducted extensive research for Bellybar to identify the optimal combination of nutrients and natural ingredients to ensure nutritional efficacy and maximum benefit. The combination of nutrients are unique to Bellybar, and they are specific to women's special nutritional needs pre-conception, during pregnancy and while nursing. And, taste for yourself, but we're pretty sure you'll decide it tastes better than any other bar available -- and that may be the most important difference of all! What is DHA and why is it important? Omega-3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is one of the critical Omega-3 fatty acids. It serves as a primary building block for the brain and the eyes and supports brain, eye and cardiovascular health throughout life. DHA has been shown to support a healthy pregnancy and nursing, and to play a role in brain, eye and nervous system development in infants. In order to meet the recommended levels (200-300mg/day), most pregnant and breastfeeding women must take DHA in addition to her prenatal vitamins. Each Bellybar contains 50mg of DHA and is a convenient and delicious way to help you achieve the recommended amounts! There is a large and growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that people of all ages, from infants to aging adults, benefit from an adequate supply of DHA in their diets. Scientific reviews have noted the importance of DHA in proper brain and eye function, and there are studies currently underway to investigate its role in decreasing the prevalence of certain neurological disorders. Yet despite its importance, Americans have among the lowest dietary intakes of DHA in the world. Bellybar has partnered with Martek Biosciences Corporation to provide DHA for Bellybar. Martek's life'sDHA™ is unique in the market because it is derived from a sustainable and vegetarian source. Made from microalgae under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions, life'sDHA™ is free of oceanic contaminants that may be present in certain fish or fish oils. Microalgae is the best vegetarian source of DHA, the key Omega-3 for brain and eye development and function. Baby Needs Chocolate -- Box of 5 Bars, From Bellybar