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Englutarade Reinforcer, Kiwi Strawberry, 540 gm, By Betancourt
Betancourt Nutrition

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  • Englutarade Reinforcer, Kiwi Strawberry, 540 gm, By Betancourt

Englutarade Reinforcer, Kiwi Strawberry, 540 gm, By Betancourt

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Reinforce Muscle Glutamine, Electrolyte & Energy Levels NOW! Our hardest of hardcore customers told us that even when they’ve eaten enough calories and gotten enough rest, their muscles sometimes feel “lazy” and incapable of growth. To help them out, we wanted to give them a different kind of energy than you normally hear people talk about; a type of energy that would support the very processes that allow their muscles to endure high-intensity workouts at the gym and become bigger and stronger in the days that follow.

“Anaplerosis” describes that different kind of energy. And new ENGLUTARADE™ is the world’s first anaplerotic muscle drink mix†. With a proprietary 5000-mg glutamine blend containing a liquid-stable form of glutamine, ENGLUTARADE™ was designed to help rapidly, conveniently and deliciously reinforce critical biochemical processes inside your muscles†. One of these is the TCA cycle, a key ATP-producing pathway that is literally at the heart of muscular performance. Subjects taking 0.125 g of l-glutamine per kilogram (2.2 lb) of body weight (~10 g of l-glutamine for a 180-lb athlete) increased the level of TCA intermediates during exercise compared to those receiving a placebo (399% vs. 260%).

To give your muscles even more positive reinforcement, Betancourt Nutrition’s R&D scientists added electrolytes to ENGLUTARADE™ in amounts equivalent to a leading sports drink. And it contains 833% the daily value of vitamin C!