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The Art Of Oral Sex by Ian and Alicia Denchasy

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  • The Art Of Oral Sex by Ian and Alicia Denchasy

The Art Of Oral Sex by Ian and Alicia Denchasy

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Make the Move from Oral Amateur to Oral Artist Don't doubt your skills any longer! With The Art of Oral Sex as your guide, you can become the oral sex master you've always dreamt of being. You'll discover all the secrets - from exact hot button geography, to titillating techniques, to sex toys that lead to the biggest bang. And you'll love feasting your eyes on all the hot and steamy photos along the way! Whether you're looking for a wonderful warm-up to intercourse or want to enjoy the act all on its own, The Art of Oral Sex will show you all the right moves and grooves to go from ordinary to legendary! You might claim to be the "King of Tongue" or the "Queen of Oral," but are you truly as skilled as you imagine? Quiz yourself and find out the truth! Did you know...
  • Oral sex is good for health? In sexual reflexology, it is believed that each area of the genitals corresponds to an organ in the body - the head of his manhood, for example, affects his lungs and heart. (Lesson learned: A little fellatio a day may keep the doctor away!)
  • The foods we consume affect the taste of our love nests? (Lesson learned: Say no to garlic and asparagus, and yes to papaya and pineapple.)
  • Massage of the inside of the heel directly correlates to the genital area and can heighten sexual arousal, as does mildly pinching the front and back of the ankles? (Lesson learned: Feet first!)
  • The density of nerve endings in a female clitoris is greater than any other living creature on earth? (Lesson learned: Stimulate the treasure trove, not just the treasure cove!)
  • There is such a thing as the male G-spot, which - if properly caressed - can send him into stratospheric heights of ecstasy? (Lesson learned: Read this book!)
  • 160 pages
  • 10" x 8" x .5"
  • Soft-cover