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Red Hot Erotica by Edited by Alison Tyler

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  • Red Hot Erotica by Edited by Alison Tyler

Red Hot Erotica by Edited by Alison Tyler

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If you like it hot… Jessica felt a hot flush that wasn’t from the sun or embarrassment. When she balled up the bikini top and threw it overboard, she felt an ache between her legs, knowing the thong bottom was next. Jessica tucked her fingers under the waist of her thong and gradually slid it down her sweaty thighs... Heat makes me do crazy things. The headiness of a too-warm day always moves me to my core. I find a need to peel off layers of clothes. To rub a cold bottle of beer against my checks, and under my chin, and on the tender skin at the nape of my neck. Warm weather gives me a reason to tie a fuchsia silk scarf around my chest and call it a halter. To run through a neighbor’s sprinklers in a sheet white T-shirt and call it a shower. To get naked under a crisp white sheet. -from the introduction by Alison Tyler
  • 8 x 5.5 x .5
  • Paperback
  • 178 Pages