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CarbRite LowCarb Diet Bar, Toasted Coconut, 12 Bars, From Universal Nutrition
Universal Nutrition

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  • CarbRite LowCarb Diet Bar, Toasted Coconut, 12 Bars, From Universal Nutrition

CarbRite LowCarb Diet Bar, Toasted Coconut, 12 Bars, From Universal Nutrition

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Manufacturer : Universal Nutrition
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Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bar for Carb Conscious Dieters

Universal Nutrition's "low carb" diet products are designed to support low carb weight management. Low carb dieting encourages the control of insulin through modifying sugar and carb intakes.

Not all carbohydrates act the same way in a person's body. While many carbohydrates are digested and turned into blood sugar, other carbs act differently and, while digested, are not readily turned into glucose. Some carbs have virtually no calories and pass through the body without digestion. The FDA has not yet focused on this important biochemical difference and treats all carbs as the same. In fact, the FDA defines carbohydrates (in the current Nutrition Fact Panel) as anything that is not protein, fat, moisture, and ash. For the low carb dieter, this "Carbohydrates by Difference" approach does not distinguish between standard carbs which should be avoided and those that are acceptable for low carb dieting.

Universal Nutrition wants to provide accurate information, such as the relative importance of the impact different types of carbs have on blood sugar. Unfortunately this cannot be made clear in the current Nutrition Fact Panel. Universal Nutrition, along with members of the Natural Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), has been working with the FDA to clarify these issues. In the spirit of cooperation, we are currently in the process of changing our labels to comply with FDA mandated labels, as well as to explain more clearly the value of certain types of "carbs" to low carb dieters. This important issue affects all low carb products on the market. We will continue to participate in the process of petitioning the FDA to update their definition of carbohydrates to reflect the many important differences in carbohydrates so that consumers can have the proper information necessary for following a controlled carbohydrate nutritional approach.

In the meantime, feel confident that with our low carb products, you're getting the highest quality products available - specially formulated for low carb dieting. For years, thousands of consumers have used our low carb products with great success.

Regardless of which low carb bar you've used in the past, it's time for a change. A delicious, mouth-watering change. The Doctor's CarbRite Diet Bars have been taking the country by storm. Dieters everywhere are switching to our bars every day and regretting that they didn't switch earlier. Maybe you're still in the dark. Perhaps you've been eating your bar for so long, you don't even know what a great bar should taste like. Does it even exist? Absolutely. Most people who try the bar are skeptical at first. After they've had it, they can't imagine how a low carb bar could taste so good. So good that these bars have received some of the highest marks from independent low carb web sites. So good that real people like yourself have compared it to candy bars.

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