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Kid Organic Zbar, S'mores, 18 Bars, By Clif
Clif Bar

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  • Kid Organic Zbar, S'mores, 18 Bars, By Clif

Kid Organic Zbar, S'mores, 18 Bars, By Clif

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Manufacturer : Clif Bar
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We take great care in creating Clif Kid snacks to give kids fantastic tasting food with the right kind of nutrition they need for their growing, active bodies. In raising our family, we always wish to find organic snacks to nourish our kids as they are on the move, competing in sports, studying or playing with friends. Their lives are as busy as ours, so although we prefer to make them food from scratch, it's not always possible. That's why we created Clif Kid Organic ZBar. Each satisfying organic bar is low-fat, made with whole oats and contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals kids need every day. What you won't find is all of the junk. Organic ZBar contains no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors. Kid Organic ZBar gives kids in motion a choice of snacks with the nutrition and energy they need and a taste they really like - so they can keep going, growing and exploring.
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavors Or Colors
  • Whole Grain & Organic
  • Why Organic? Because it's better for you and the planet. At Clif Bar, we've always been about nourishing healthy people with great food"and we're constantly looking for ways to make great food even better. Thatís one reason we've made the move to certified organic ingredients. Organically-grown ingredients preserve the nutritional value of food, and they're free of the nasty stuff that often finds its way into food these days: residues from toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Furthermore, by keeping toxins out of ecosystems, it protects our air, water, soil and wildlife. What are whole grains and their benefits? Whole grains such as oats contain fiber. The 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend choosing the right carbohydrates, like whole grains. Each CLIF ZBaR contains 7 grams of whole grains and 3 grams of total fiber from oats, which is as many whole grains as found in 1/4 cup brown rice or cooked barley and twice the fiber. Can a child eat two Clif Kid snacks in the same day? Yes. The fortification levels in Clif Kid snacks allow for kids to eat two in a day and not be over the 100% RDA for these vitamins and minerals. Can my toddler eat Clif Kid snacks? Clif Kid snacks are great for kids 3 years and older. For children under 3, parents should use their best judgment given the introduction of so many new foods at this age. We hope your kids enjoy them!