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ProPeptide, Banana, 2 lbs, By Dorian Yates

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  • ProPeptide, Banana, 2 lbs, By Dorian Yates

ProPeptide, Banana, 2 lbs, By Dorian Yates

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ProPeptide, Banana, 2 lbs, From Dorian Yates ProPeptide Banana Product Description

Loaded with probiotic Organisms to promote more efficient Protein Digestive Activity Contains LTP Micellar Casein Combined with High Fraction Whey and Egg Proteins.Specifically Engineered for Maximum & Anti-Catabolic Activity. ProPeptide Banana Rich in Bioactive Protein Fractions and Peptide Sequences. Congratulations! You have purchased the best protein supplement available. ProPeptide Banana Propeptide is concentrated protein with a composition specifically engineered to provide all amino acids , protein fractions, and peptides that your body needs to grow lean , healthy, and muscular. Here are some of the superior properties of ProPeptide. Unique, Patent Pending Probiotic Organisms. ProPeptide Banana ProPeptide contains probiotic organisms that promote a healthier gut and better protein digestion. Optimal Protein Balance. A sustained release of proteins. ProPeptide Banana A gradients approach, combining both fast and slow proteins to effect "timed release" of amino acids for maximum anti catabolic activity. We use only Low Temperature Processed Micellar Casein, no caseinate. Micellar casein is the natural form of casein in milk. Micellar casein forms the best "time release" complex in the stomach and intestines. Micellar casein costs much more than the caseinates our competitors use, but we know its worth the expense. ProPeptide Banana The proteins used in Propeptide have been screened to ensure that they provide the highest quantities of fractions, such as lactoferrin, as well as important peptides. Propeptide contains a custom made whey protein with the highest possible fractions to help maximize lean tissue generation.4 Grams of added glutamine in peptide for per serving to help prevent muscle tissue breakdown and promote good health. ProPeptide Banana The protein balance in Propeptide is tailored to the human body for maximum performance. 98% Lactose Free.