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Country Life Bone Solid, 3 Triple Action, 180 Capsules
Country Life

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  • Country Life Bone Solid, 3 Triple Action, 180 Capsules

Country Life Bone Solid, 3 Triple Action, 180 Capsules

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Dietary Supplement
With Patented FruiteX·B
Clinically Proven MCHA and K2's
Certified Gluten-Free
Bone Support
Dietary Supplement
Clinically Shown to:
Increase Mineral Utilization
Strengthen Bones
Support Bone Metabolism
Bone Solid is a unique formula designed to support healthy bone structure, employing benefits from clinically studied nutrients such as MCHA (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite) and FruiteX B (a.k.a. calcium fructoborate).
90% of the body's calcium is stored in the bones in the form of calcium phosphate. MCHA by structure is calcium phosphate, which is a form of calcium that is closest to the body's own natural bone composition.
Vitamins K1, K2, and D3 are included which help with the utilization of important minerals such as calcium.
Bone Solid also contains a unique form of boron called calcium fructoborate (a.k.a. FruiteX B). Clinical studies have illustrated its ability to support joint and bone health. Boron plays many key roles in the body including the support of bone structure.
As active men and women, we all believe that calcium is important to build and protect our bones. But did you know that your body can tell the difference between bone strengthening products? Some products are more compatible with your body and may simply work better inside you.
Introducing a new bone health product from Country Life Vitamins. It contains a unique, natural form of calcium called MCHA as well as other minerals that your body will recognize as being closest to its own natural bone composition. Ingredients in Bone Solid, such as vitamins K and D as well as MCHA, have been clinically shown to support the utilization of calcium for more complete structural bone support.
Bone Solid's Triple Action:
Increased Mineral Utilization - by using the MCHA form of calcium that is identical to the body's natural bone composition.
Strengthens Bones - by providing vital bone supporting nutrients such as Boron, vitamins K1, K2, and D3, plus calcium to support bone structure.
Supports Bone Metabolism - by including nutrients such as vitamin K1, K2, and D3 that support metabolic processes for better bone support.
Adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, as a part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk osteoporosis.