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CytoCarb II, 100% Complex Carbs, 1.98 lbs, By CytoSport

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  • CytoCarb II, 100% Complex Carbs, 1.98 lbs, By CytoSport

CytoCarb II, 100% Complex Carbs, 1.98 lbs, By CytoSport

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CytoCarb II, 100% Complex Carbs, 1.98 lbs, From CytoSport Product Description


Complex carbohydrates slow down the process of breaking down food into nutrients like sugar and instead give you a steady and consistent flow of energy. Nutrition for athletes or anyone exercising for an extended duration can be tricky. There are almost as many combinations of nutritional supplements and sports drink flavors on the market today as there is regular food. CytoCarb II 100% Complex Carbs

Unfortunately, some products masquerade as something much healthier than they really are but taste chalky and artificial. Who wants to fortify their body with nutrition that doesnít taste good? Cytocarb 2 from Cytosport is an excellent choice for athletes that only want to ingest the complex carbohydrates that their body needs, what they want to and exactly how they want to. CytoCarb II 100% Complex Carbs


CytoCarb II 100% Complex Carbs Almost every athlete or active person has a favorite drink, bar or pick-me up snack that is their go-to option most of the time. For many endurance athletes though, there often comes a time in their training or during the race when ingesting their favorite food or sports supplemental drink is just physically hard to do. They know their body needs it, but the idea of taking in any more food might be difficult. Or, athletes might need to punch up their carbohydrate intake but can only take so many bottles on their bike or carry so much during a running race.

Cytocarb 2 is a perfect solution for either situation. CytoCarb II 100% Complex Carbs Cytocarb 2 has no flavorings, colorings or additives and mixes easily with water. This powerful combination allows you to ingest the energizing carbohydrates that you need without feeling like you are forcing yourself to eat. If you combine it with another sports drink you can double or triple your carbohydrate intake without overwhelming your taste buds and maximizing the benefits that youíre receiving from one bottle of nutrition! Think about taking the carbohydrate nutrition from three bottles and putting it all in one place; CytoCarb II 100% Complex Carbs itís more logical and much more efficient.


Cytocarb 2 is a complex carbohydrate mix. CytoCarb II 100% Complex Carbs Complex carbohydrates are actually good and you need them if you want to perform at an optimal athletic capacity. Complex carbohydrates slow down the process of breaking down food into nutrients like sugar and instead give you a steady and consistent flow of Energy. This is much more desirable and efficient than the immediate rush of energy and subsequent crash and burn that you get from simple carbohydrates like soda, fruit juices and candy. Cytocarb 2 provides 53 grams of these essential carbohydrates.

Cytocarb 2 also promotes the retention of muscle glycogen. Muscle glycogen recovery allows the muscles to receive the carbohydrates to be used by the muscles for energy. This isnít to be mixed up with blood sugar, thatís an entirely different process. You need to have muscle glycogen recovery in order to produce muscular ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). Think of ATP as the most basic unit of energy that every living cell in your body requires. When you push your body, it will go for the carbohydrates first. If youíve ingested enough carbohydrates then your muscles will have sufficient ATP, then you can perform better, more efficiently and for much longer.

Cytocarb 2 also has 45mg of sodium. For endurance athletes having the appropriate amount of sodium in your body can facilitate athletic activity. Sodium helps to balance fluid intake and promotes muscle retention. Also, an athlete can become disoriented and foggy without proper sodium levels.


Since Cytocarb 2 contains no protein or GI stressful ingredients and has the energy-punch of complex carbohydrates, it is ideal for use during a workout or endurance event. It is recommended by several sources to replace your lost glycogen and protein stores within one hour of completing a workout to achieve maximum benefits. Cytocarb 2 is also great as part of a post-workout recovery, since it is anti-catabolic and prevents muscle breakdown while also being pro-, trigger muscle growth and repair.


Mix 4 scoops (56g) into a beverage of your choice (8oz or more). The optimal time for a serving of Cytocarb 2 is 30-45 minutes immediately after your workout to help fuel recovery and replenish muscle glycogen. Cytocarb 2 can also be used to help increase daily carbohydrate consumption. CytoSport products complement a healthful eating and hydration plan that, when combined with a balanced exercise program may contribute to healthy weight management and recovery from exercise. Use as part of a well-balanced diet that includes whole foods and other protein sources. Warningstop

Do not use this product as your sole source of nutrition. This product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, wheat and eggs. /CytoCarb-2-100-Percent-Complex-Carbohydrate-Powder-400135.aspx#sthash.kXTMPrai