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Dermafine-MD, Micro Active Formula for Stretch Marks, 6 oz. Dermafine MD, From Pure Source

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  • Dermafine-MD, Micro Active Formula for Stretch Marks, 6 oz. Dermafine MD, From Pure Source

Dermafine-MD, Micro Active Formula for Stretch Marks, 6 oz. Dermafine MD, From Pure Source

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Dermafine-MD is a micro active formula to help reduce the appearance of strech marks, wrinkles and age spots. Dermafine-MD gives you the ultimate repairing micro emulsion formula for rebuilding new skin and reducing the appearance of strech marks, wrinkles and age spots and even helps tighten and smooth your skin while it firms and nourishes it.

Dermafine-MD is a topical stretch mark cream with amazing technological anti-wrinkle properties. When applied to your face, it requires no painful peels,implants, or expensive injections, swelling, black and blue marks, puffiness and other complications that result from treatments and procedures such as Botox®.

Dermafine-MD retards the aging of cells and mimics Botox® treatments without the discomfort and expense!

New Anti-Aging Ingredients
Dermafine-MD's Micro Active formula penetrates the skin so effectively that you will see results within weeks if not days! It outperforms products with Retinol and Vitamin C and cost much less that other skin treatments such as Botox®! Dermafine-MD has an exclusive proprietary blend to increase its effectiveness.

Why is there such a hugh demand for Dermafine-MD?
To answer this question, we must start with the formula's key ingredient, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide. Originally used in wound healing, this ingredient consits of a group of amino acids linked together attached to a fatty acid structurally related to the precursor of collagen type I. Researchers recently found that when added to a culture of skin cells, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide stimulates the synthesis of key constituents of the skin matrix: collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans. Clinical studies have shown a dramatic improvement in skin smoothness and decreased wrinkle depth in test subjects. More importantly, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide proved to be more effective than Retinol or Vitamin C in reducing fine lines and wrinkles associated with photo-aged skin! Photo-aged skin occurs when the underlying collagen and elastin support breaks down from sun exposure. This results in the skin's foundation becoming stiff and hard with age. The ingredients in Dermafine-MD can spark new growth at the cellular level, thus increasing the production of new collagen and elastin rebuilding your skin's foundation from the ground up!

What about Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks (Striae) develop when the skin is excessively stretched, damaging the collagen fibers and proteins in the underlying layer of the skin called the dermis. This is most often caused by pregnancy, growth spurts, or excessive weight gain. The resulting stretch marks are visible, unsightly scar tissue. One key ingredient is Dermafine-MD, Siegesbeckia Orientalis Extract (an active fading ingredient) has been shown to be effective in restructuring the collagen matrix, aiding in wound healing and tissue regeneration. This helps to normalize the appearance of scars and stretch marks while restoring elasticity to the skin. As a result of using Demafine-MD for a few weeks, you should notice that the indentations associated with stretch marks will become smoother while the discoloration begins to blend with your natrual skin tone, making the stretch marks less noticeable.