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Pimp! Bitch! Ho! Game

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  • Pimp! Bitch! Ho! Game

Pimp! Bitch! Ho! Game

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Pimp! Bitch! Ho! is the pimpin' party dice game for 3 - 12 playas and their hoochie mamas.

This is the pimpiní drinking game for playas and their hoochie mamas! This is a great game for 3-12 players. Because is easy to play and easy to catch on, Pimp! Bitch! Ho! Is the perfect party game. Game includes 3 chips and 3 dice. Getcha game on!

A playa drops the "Pimp" chip into the center of the table. Whoever it lands closest to takes the chip and starts out as the Pimp. The playa farthest from where the chip lands starts out as the Bitch and takes the "Bitch" chip. The Pimp assigns the Ho role by handing that chip to a third playa.

The pimp rolls first and play continues clockwise after each roll. The silver die tells you what action should be taken, the red die tells you who should take it, and the blue die is the drink assignment. When a playa rolls "New Bitch" on the red die, she becomes the "Bitch" and takes the "Bitch" chip. The old Bitch becomes the pimp and this new pimp assigns a third playa to be his Ho. Then the new "Bitch" carries out the action for the roll. If the Bitch rolls "New Bitch" she just carries out the action rolled. The game ends when someone becomes the Pimp for the third time.