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Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea, 8 oz

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  • Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea, 8 oz

Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea, 8 oz

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Green Tea from China

Lung Ching tea, also called "Dragon's Well," grows near the beautiful West Lake of Hangzhou on the only true tea "plantation" in China. A government-run business, the Lung Ching Tea Plantation is a popular tourist destination. Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea is one of the most famous China green tea and it is highly prized by the Chinese elites. The liquor is pale yellow, slightly sweet and very refreshing.

The better grades have high bud sets and flat, tender, green leaves and are produced by hand from start to finish in the village of Dragonwell. The firing of the leaf is the step that requires the most finesse. Done properly, it rewards the drinker with a sweet, soft-edged, yellowish infusion that is remarkably high in Vitamin C.

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