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Comprehensive Prostate Formula, 120 Vcaps, From Doctor's Best
Doctor's Best

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  • Comprehensive Prostate Formula, 120 Vcaps, From Doctor's Best

Comprehensive Prostate Formula, 120 Vcaps, From Doctor's Best

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Comprehensive Doctor's Best Prostate Formula is a complete nutritional program for supporting prostate health with herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients known to benefit the prostate gland. The ingredient list of Doctor's Best Comprehensive Prostate Formula includes virtually every item now recommended by health experts for natural prostate support. And, most importantly, the suggested three tablet daily dose supplies the amount of each major ingredient shown to be clinically effective.
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Saw Palmetto Extract - The Saw palmetto in Comprehensive Prostate Formula is standardized to contain 85 to 90% fatty acids, which are the active ingredients in the Saw palmetto berry that promote prostate health. Three tablets supplies 320 mg, the daily dose used for prostate therapy in clinical studies.
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Pygeum Extract - Pygeum is an evergreen tree native to the high plateaus of southern Africa. Pygeum bark contains phytosterols, beta sitosterol and other sitosterols, natural sterols that have been shown to normalize the prostate. Clinical trials establish 100 mg per as a highly effective dose of Pygeum extract, especially in combination with Nettle root.
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Nettle Root Extract - Nettle, also known as "Stinging Nettle," grows wild in forests and fields throughout North America and Europe. Nettle root has been researched in European studies and shown to benefit the prostate and urinary tract. While the specific active ingredients in Nettle for prostate support have not been positively identified, Nettle's effect on the prostate may stem from its content of polysaccharides and isolectin. 300 mg per day is a clinically effective dose of Nettle root extract.
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Amino Acids - The combination of L-alanine, glutamic acid and glycine were first used for prostate support in 1958. Two medical doctors administered the amino acids to allergy patients who reported improvement in urinary function.
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Lycopene - Tomatoes are rich in carotenes, natural pigments responsible for the rich variety of colors in fruits and vegetables. Lycopene gives the tomato fruit its red color. Recent research suggests that lycopene may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.6 (These findings, however, are strictly preliminary and await confirmation through further research.)
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Minerals - The human prostate contains a high concentration of zinc, which is known to be a key mineral for prostate health.7 Selenium, an essential trace mineral, may play a role in cancer risk reduction.8,9 Recent work by Harvard University researchers showed that men with the highest levels of selenium were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those with the lowest selenium levels. Copper is added to balance zinc. When supplementing with zinc, it is advised to take a small amount of additional copper to prevent copper deficiency.
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Vitamins - Vitamin E is added as an antioxidant and support for the reproductive system. Vitamin B6 may benefit the prostate by reducing excess levels of the hormone prolactin. Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Comprehensive Prostate Formula Benefits:
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Science-Based Nutrition
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Helps Maintain a Healthy Prostate
  • Doctor's Best Prostate Formula Dietary Supplement