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Triazole, 90 Capsules, By Driven Sports
Driven Sports

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  • Triazole, 90 Capsules, By Driven Sports

Triazole, 90 Capsules, By Driven Sports

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Triazole All Natural Aromatase Inhibitor Support!

Triazole represents a REVOLUTION for the sports nutrition industry. The Triazole formula is based on a powerful all natural aromatase inhibitor that simultaneously acts to support the liver and enhance anti-oxidant capacity! Triazole has been researched, developed and thoroughly tested by DS for two years in order to create the perfect product to promote size and strength. Triazole is the HPTA equalizer and here's why it can make a significant difference for your physique.

Estrogen is not all bad like many have been lead to believe. In fact, estrogen has SEVERAL beneficial effects for bodybuilders when it comes to packing on size but a balance has to be established. Too much estrogen and you open yourself up to estrogenic-related side effects including the DREADED "GYNO." Too little and you can hinder gains and even stop your sex drive dead in its tracks. This is where previous estrogen-controlling products went wrong - some completely annihilated estrogen, and others opposed the actions of testosterone in the brain leaving users with a libido so low they felt like they had been castrated. This is where Triazole differs.