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Whole Body Cleanse Kit, 3 Bottles, From Enzymatic Therapy
Enzymatic Therapy

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  • Whole Body Cleanse Kit, 3 Bottles, From Enzymatic Therapy

Whole Body Cleanse Kit, 3 Bottles, From Enzymatic Therapy

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Manufacturer : Enzymatic Therapy
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Digestive, Liver And Lymph, Strong But Safe Detoxifier! Finally, a high-strength, gentle, Whole Body Cleanse that enhances your body's own natural internal cleansing process for thorough detoxification. Why Cleanse? Intestinal health is the foundation for nourishing all bodily systems. Years of environmental exposures to toxins, buildup of unhealthy waste substances, and improper eating habits can all take their toll. Sometimes the body needs help to cleanse, detoxify and refortify the intestinal system. Better health can be achieved through PhytoPharmica's Whole Body approach to detoxification and rebuilding. What Makes True Dispersion Fiber So Unique? Completely breaks down in less than 5 minutes 5 to 15 times faster than the top 4 other leading encapsulated fiber products on the market. More mucilage content than flax fiber cleanses more toxins. So revolutionary that it is patent-pending So You Get All-the-Way Clean! In order to get the full benefit of fiber, it needs to dissolve. Only PhytoPharmica's True Dispersion fiber dissolves completely in less than 5 minutes. Other fiber capsules take a long time to breakdown or don't dissolve at all. Many fiber products actually turn into semi-solid slugs that may not fully dissolve in the digestive tract. True Dispersion fiber provides a better cleanse than other products because you get the full benefit of fiber that goes to work quickly and cleans all the way down. Why Should You Cleanse? We live in a toxic world. Toxins come from many sources, including;
  • Pollution
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Hormones used in raising livestock
  • Processed foods
  • The Bad News: The vast amount of toxins in our environment create a real challenge for your body's built - in detoxification system. The Good News: You can rely on Whole Body Cleanse to rejuvenate, refortify and detoxify your body.* Periodic cleansing supports digestive and liver health which can be beneficial for skin health and weight management. Experience Real Rejuvenation with Fiber! Why Fiber?
    Fiber's key role in Whole Body Cleanse is to absorb and eliminate toxins. Toxins bind to the fiber and are carried out of the body. Without fiber, toxins may be re - absorbed and you cannot thoroughly detoxify. Whole Body Cleanse has unique fiber that:
  • Dissolves completely. Many fiber capsules do not dissolve, which limits their ability to absorb and remove toxins.
  • Contains psyllium rather than flax for more thorough cleansing.