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Fast Twitch, Power Workout Drink Mix, LIGHTNING LEMONADE, 2 lbs, By CytoSport

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  • Fast Twitch, Power Workout Drink Mix, LIGHTNING LEMONADE, 2 lbs, By CytoSport

Fast Twitch, Power Workout Drink Mix, LIGHTNING LEMONADE, 2 lbs, By CytoSport

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Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix Product Description


Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix Fast twitch muscle fibers are much better at giving short, explosive bursts of energy or speed. You might have heard of fast twitch muscles and though that only Olympic-caliber sprinters had them. They seem elusive and exclusive, but they’re not.

Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix There are two sets of muscle fibers and everyone has them; fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast twitch muscle fibers are much better at giving short, explosive bursts of Energy or speed, such as is associated with sprinters; while slow twitch muscle fibers generate lower output but a longer duration of energy output that you see in endurance cyclists and marathoners. Sure, Olympic sprinters may have more fast twitch muscle fibers than you do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the capabilities of the ones that you do have.


Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix You’re lifting. You might even be competing in lifting! Maybe you have a speed workout via running or a time trial on the bike that you need explosive energy for. Anyone who wants to maximize the use of their fast twitch muscle fibers can benefit from the Cytosport Fast Twitch Powder Workout Drink Mix.


Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix Since fast twitch muscle fibers use anaerobic metabolism to create fuel, you’re going to need a source. Fast Twitch Powder Workout Drink Mix from Cytosport boosts nitric oxide as well as encouraging the production of Creatine phosphate. Nitric oxide is interestingly a toxic gas outside of your body; but inside is necessary for a number of essential functions. Nitric Oxide is can be likened to the ‘Green light’ of the cell’s molecule as it is responsible for blood flow, glucose uptake, muscle increase, power and more. So, the more nitric oxide that your body is producing, the more energy and output you can produce. Nitric oxide also releases adrenaline, which can make you feel more focused and intent. Adenosylmethionine, otherwise known as SAMe production helps produce and break down serotonin and dopamine; the feel good brain chemicals.

Fast Twitch also encourages the production of creatine phosphate. You may have heard of creatine before and thought that it was something purely external. Actually creatine phosphate is a very normal part of your body’s function. In the muscle cell, creatine phosphate stores the energy that is transferred from ATP which when ‘broken and ADP releases energy to the muscles. Fast Twitch also contains the proprietary ingredients New Kre-Alkalyn and AlphaSize which support the body’s creatine production. New Kre-Alkalyn allows you to consume a more powerful level of creatine with lower dosages and without having to ‘load’ your body than were previously possible.

Fast twitch also contains 200mg of caffeine. Although there are different schools of thought on caffeine, many athletes have reported the benefits of increased focus and energy that caffeine brings since it stimulates the central nervous system. When this reaches the cortex of the brain, focus can be increased from 1-3 hours according to some studies.

Fast Twitch Powder Workout Drink Mix also contains very valuable nutrients such as 15 grams of carbohydrates, 220 mg of potassium, 110 mg of sodium. Carbohydrates serve as the body’s primary source of fuel while potassium and sodium work in conjunction with each other regulating a number of the body’s cells and systems as well as maintaining smooth muscle contraction. Your body often loses these during workouts via sweat, so replenishing them is key to optimal athletic performance. Fast twitch also has 100% of your DV (daily value) of Folate and 170% of B12. Folate is incredibly important in the synthesis and break down of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. B12 works in conjunction with folate to produce red blood cells as well as transform fats and proteins into energy.


The recommendations are to take this mostly pre-workout, so that you get the benefits of the caffeine and muscle-boosting energy throughout your workout.


Mix one scoop of FAST TWITCH in 16 oz of water. Drink 3 /4 of bottle 30-45 minutes before workout. Drink remaining 1 /4 bottle during workout. Best results are obtained when taken on empty stomach. Take on training days. Drink 64 fl oz of water daily. After workouts, take Muscle Milk within 60 minutes from fast recovery. Warningstop

Do not use if you are under the age of 18 or elderly. Do not take with any other stimulant or weight-loss supplement or any prescription or over the counter medicine. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing or at risk of being treated for high-blood pressure, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, spasms, psychiatric disease, suffer from migraines, have asthma, or are taking asthma medication. Discontinue use if you experience dizziness, headache nausea, or heart palpitations. If you have trouble sleeping, do not take within 6 hours of bedtime. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Manufactured in a plant that processes milk, soy, wheat and eggs. - Fast Twitch Power Workout Drink Mix