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Epovar, Endurance Agent, 180 Caplets, By Fizogen

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  • Epovar, Endurance Agent, 180 Caplets, By Fizogen

Epovar, Endurance Agent, 180 Caplets, By Fizogen

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Manufacturer : Fizogen
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Epovar Introducing An Endurance Enhancement Agent Phenomenon!

Fizogen Precision Technologies introduces the most technologically advanced endurance supplement ever to hit the market! Combining Magnesium Orotate, Di-Arginine Orotate and Potassium Orotate in a time released delivery system, Epovar promises to help you achieve your peak potential in training and competition. Need to be convinced that this is for real? Simply read the scientific abstract from the amazing study found on the bottom of this page, which demonstrates the awe-inspiring power of Epovar. Plus it is extremely safe for long-term use! The effects are something you must experience for yourself. Get the edge on your competition or just make your training feel a whole lot easier. Get started on Epovar today!

Powerful Ingredients:

This highly potent performance enhancement agent contains specialized nutrients combined with patent-pending salts of Orotic Acid. The EPOVAR formulation is simply the biggest advancement in endurance enhancing supplementation! Whether the VO2 MAX elevating effects are compared to anything Legal or illegal... Orovar-CC simply promises to transform the face of endurance supplements forever! Di-Arginine Orotate is utilized as a primary ingredient to help maximize Orotic Acid blood levels and deliver rapid vasodilatation throughout the body to help oxygenate and supply nutrients to the heart, lungs and skeletal muscle during periods of prolonged stress from high intensity aerobic and anaerobic output. This cumulative effect may enhance VO2 Max levels to unprecedented heights! Epovar may simply enhance your performance and training threshold to a level you have never known! Magnesium Orotate is then utilized in combination with Di-Arginine Orotate to further amplify the powerful desired hormonal response. Magnesium Orotate, itself the subject of countless clinical studies, shows its awe-inspiring power for enhancing endurance markers in the paragraph below**. The Orotic Acid component of Orovar-CC is your new secret weapon against your competition! Orotic Acid is provided within the EPOVAR formula in calculated and exact dosing protocol to deliver unduplicatable effectiveness! Lastly, Orovar-CC contains Potassium Orotate to further fuel the incredible endurance effects! Orovar-CC is simply the most powerful endurance-enhancing compound ever invented when combined with serious training and a well balanced diet. Get ready to experience an endurance supplement that finally works... Brace yourself for Epovar!

Magnesium Orovar-CC
The endurance performance enhancement revolution has begun! **A study was conducted using 23 competitive tri-athletes; all subject to 4 weeks of supplementation with 17mmol/d (4.5 Grams) Magnesium Orotate or a placebo during a double blind randomized controlled study. They then each competed in an event including a 500-meter swim a 5-km run and a 20-km bicycle race after supplementation. Blood was collected before, between and after the events for assaying energy stress and membrane metabolism. Compared with the controls, running, swimming and cycling time decreased in the Magnesium Orotate group. Serum insulin decreased 65% in the MO group and increased 39% in the controls (significant). Serum glucose concentrations increased 118% in the MO group and 87% in the control group (significant). Venous O2 partial pressure increased 208% in the MO group as opposed to 126% in the controls (significant). Venous CO2 partial pressure after the bicycle race decreased 74% in controls as compared to 66% in the MO group (significant). Blood leukocyte count increased from 5.81/nL to 9.10/nL in the MO group as opposed to 5.92/nL to 11.0/nl in the controls (significant). Blood proton concentration decreased 98% in controls compared to 90% in the MO group (significant). Serum cortisol was reduced in the MO group before between and after the event when compared with the controls. CK catalytic concentration after the test was elevated 122% in the MO group compared to 140% in the controls. This study points to a substantially reduced stress response to training, altered glucose utilization and positive stress-induced modifications of energy and hormone metabolism, which did not affect competitive potential.