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Celestial 8" Globe

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  • Celestial 8" Globe

Celestial 8" Globe

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Manufacturer : Facination
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Transitions from normal globe to LED backlit constellation map in the dark!

The illuminated Celestial Globe opens a whole new universe to inquisitive young minds.

The illuminated Celestial Globe is a truly innovative globe, seamlessly combining a detailed Earth Globe with a fascinating Celestial Universe Globe. The integrated optical sensor monitors the light in the room where the Celestial Globe is displayed and automatically turns on the internal LED light source whenever darkness approaches. Now you can address the educational needs of your child while simultaneously reinforcing their creative abilities and imagination.

The Celestial Globe is a wonderful starter globe for reference use. Small enough to fit comfortably on a child’s desk or dresser, the Celestial Globe provides that all important initial introduction to geography. The simplified, uncluttered cartography is clearly rendered in varied pastel shades for easy recognition of the political boundaries of individual countries. The durable bronze toned semi meridian is marked off in degrees to better enable the user to locate exact latitude positions anywhere on the 8” blue ocean globe.

When the sun goes down, the Celestial Globe transforms into an illuminated view of the Celestial Universe, displaying the constellations of the night sky. With their roots in antiquity, the globe is alive with mythical as well as real creatures, Delphinus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Ursa Major, the Lyre, Cygnus, and scores more. All illuminated in a soft blue light and prepared to turn the night time into a soft, comfortable and familiar place.

If you are looking for an educational gift that will fire a young imagination, yet will continue to encourage learning even as your child’s capabilities and maturity grows, look no further than the illuminated Celestial Globe. Invest in a child today and reap a lifetime of dividends!

The power saving LED lights are powered by a UL listed, low-voltage wall adapter. Each Celestial Globe measures approx. 7.5" in diameter.