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Go Topless Game

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  • Go Topless Game

Go Topless Game

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Go Topless Game

The VERY fast-paced drinking game where players spin their tops, follow the instructions and pass them on before someone ends up with both tops. Keep it moviní and try to be the last player remaining to Go Topless! Plays like speed quarters but a lot more fun.

How long can you go topless? Go Topless is the fast-paced drinking game for 3-8 players.

How to play...
You and the other players sit around a table. Select one of the tops and hand the other top to the player sitting opposite to you. Say "Go!", then you both spin your tops. Tops must spin at least three times; if yours does not, take a drink and spin it again. After your top stops spinning, follow the instructions on the side facing up. If drinks are involved, take your drinks first, then pass the top in the direction listed on the top. After receiving the top, the new player then spins it and follows the instructions. The goal is to GO TOPLESS. You lose a round when both tops are in front of you. After losing, take three drinks and then start the next round.

You are allowed to take the top from a person after his spin and his drinks are completed if he is too slow in passing to you. Also, when playing with an odd number of players, give the second top to either of the two players opposite you when beginning a round.