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Ginsana Energy, 105 Capsules, From Pharmaton Natural Health Products

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  • Ginsana Energy, 105 Capsules, From Pharmaton Natural Health Products

Ginsana Energy, 105 Capsules, From Pharmaton Natural Health Products

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Ginsana Energy, 105 Capsules, From Pharmaton Natural Health Products

Ginsana Energy is a natural supplement extracted from ginseng to work with your body to raise your energy level and improve your endurance. Ginsana Energy main ingredient, Ginseng is an herb that is referred to as an adaptogen. That is, it helps you in dealing with stress and provides you with an energy boost.

Ginsana Energy has been proven to safely increase the body's capacity to utilize energy by enhancing its oxygen uptake. Ginsana Energy works naturally and gradually without sugar, caffeine or jarring artificial stimulants. Regular use of Ginsana Energy reduces fatigue, improves oxygen uptake and enhances energy to help you keep up with life's demands, feel better, and accomplish more every day.

There is a wealth of information on this amazing ingredient. Many individuals take this herb to give them energy. Ginseng has ergogenic properties in facilitating recovery from exhaustive exercise. It is also effective in reducing injuries and inflammation caused by eccentric muscle contractions. In a particular study, standardized Panax ginseng extract was investigated for the effect of prolonged treatment on the antioxidant capacity of the liver. The results indicate the liver was protected with the administration of standardized Panax ginseng extract; in fact, scientists found a significant reduction of the effects of oxidative stress induced by exhaustive exercise. Another study found it to be effective in preserving the part of the cell that makes energy (i.e. mitochondrial membrane). Ginseng can also help blood sugar regulation and perhaps even promote body weight loss. And perhaps last but not least, ginseng has been shown to protect DNA from excess radiation. Thus, ginseng has a multitude of health-promoting properties that go beyond energy support. Ginsana Energy's next generation G2G (Ginseng Second Generation) extract is standard to 4% Ginsenosides to provide a consistent level of energizing ingredients in every easy-to-swallow softgel. This is the level of standardization used in numerous published clinical studies confirming safety and effectiveness. Research has shown effectiveness in as early as four weeks with continuous daily use.