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Perfect Meal, Creamy Vanilla, 658 Grams, From Garden of Life
Garden of Life

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  • Perfect Meal, Creamy Vanilla, 658 Grams, From Garden of Life

Perfect Meal, Creamy Vanilla, 658 Grams, From Garden of Life

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Perfect Meal is a delicious and satisfying high protein and fiber meal supplement that will help you successfully manage your weight by naturally curbing your appetite. Perfect Meal provides a multi-faceted approach to healthy weight management:
  • 1. Fibertrol and Native Whey Protein help you take control of your appetite so you consume fewer calories between meals.
  • >2.Glycemic Balance Blend and Fibertrol slow digestion of carbohydrates to help maintain already healthy blood sugar levels and glycemic response for balanced energy.
  • 3. Proprietary Probiotic Blend supports your digestive system to maximize the benefits of a healthy diet.
  • Perfect Meal features Fibertrol, our own special fiber blend that helps you feel full longer, reducing unnecessary food cravings that can lead to overeating during meals and overindulging on unhealthy snacks between meals. By eating less and decreasing your caloric intake, your weight management goals are within reach. Fibertrol, along with the Glycemic Balance Blend, helps maintain already healthy blood sugar metabolism for balanced energy levels and reduced food cravings. Fibertrol also contains nutrients that help maintain cholesterol levels already in the healthy range, including organic oat beta glucan to support a healthy heart. Perfect Meal also delivers 19 grams of native whey protein, the preferred protein source for weight management. Native whey is from the milk of free-range, grass-fed cattle that graze on pesticide-free pastures. Unlike isolated whey proteins, our native whey is minimally processed to preserve more of the natural factors intact. Glycomacropeptide, naturally occurring in our native whey, has been studied for its impact on satiety-the feeling of fullness. Enjoy great-tasting Perfect Meal, along with a sensible diet and regular physical activity, as a meaningful solution to managing your weight. Whole food based chromium and calcium-No isolates, No stimulants or artificial sweeteners. Perfect Meal Highlights:
  • Satisfying Meal Supplement
  • Great Taste
  • Milk Chocolate, Naturally Flavored
  • Effective and Healthy Weight Management
  • Reduces Hunger and Helps Manage Food Cravings
  • 19 Grams of Protein, 5 Grams of Fiber
  • 14 Servings
  • Dietary Supplement