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Tea Trio Synergistic Three-Tea Blend, 60 Capsules, From Garden of Life
Garden of Life

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  • Tea Trio Synergistic Three-Tea Blend, 60 Capsules, From Garden of Life

Tea Trio Synergistic Three-Tea Blend, 60 Capsules, From Garden of Life

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Tea Trio is a unique synergistic combination of three of the world’s most healthbeneficial organic tea extracts, all included in convenient UltraZorbe capsules. Why is Tea consumption beneficial?
Tea has been used as a health-promoting beverage for over 5,000 years. Modern research is now confirming tea’s extensive range of health benefits such as increased metabolism and energy levels, antioxidant protection, and cardiovascular and cellular health. The source of these benefits is the phytonutrient-rich leaves, which naturally contain many health positive characteristics, including polyphenols, catechins (especially EGCG), L-theanine and caffeine. What are the benefits of Tea Trio?
Tea Trio includes three of the world’s most health-beneficial organic tea extracts that naturally provide three important benefits:
  • 1. Increased metabolism
  • 2. Broad range of antioxidant protection to support cardiovascular health, healthy cellular function and longevity
  • 3. Increased energy and alertness.
  • What are the key ingredients in Tea Trio?
    Tea Trio is made with organic ingredients; it contains rare organic white tea, organic green tea from minimally-processed Camellia leaves and organic black tea derived from a delicate fermentation process. Carefully sourced and blended in a specific ratio, the combination in Tea Trio provides broader antioxidant protection and a more balanced range of naturally healthpromoting tea bioactives than one or two alone. What are UltraZorbe capsules and are they vegetarian?
    UltraZorbe capsules are an advanced delivery system providing rapid nutrient release through faster and more complete dissolution than other vegetarian capsules. Made from 100% vegetarian material, UltraZorbe capsules are free from all chemical solvents, animal by-products and colorants found in other delivery forms. Scientific research suggests that UltraZorbe capsules dissolve in the stomach, releasing the content of the capsule to support optimal nutrient absorption. How many cups of tea is one serving of Tea Trio equivalent to?
    Based on the amount of catechins, one serving of Tea Trio is equivalent to up to 5 cups of the world’s finest organic green, white and black teas. It contains the same amount of EGCG as up to 10 cups of tea. Does Tea Trio contain caffeine?
    Each capsule of Tea Trio contains approximately as much caffeine as 1/4 cup of coffee; the recommended daily amount of 2 capsules provides as much caffeine as 1/2 cup of coffee. Is Tea Trio gluten free?
    Yes, Tea Trio is gluten free. Why does the Tea Trio label include measurements in ranges?
    Ranges are provided for polyphenols, catechins, EGCG and caffeine due to natural variations resulting from seasonal changes. Who will benefit from using Tea Trio?
    Any individual seeking a complementary blend of white, green and fermented black teas to support a healthy metabolism, antioxidant function and optimal cellular health. Keep your metabolism going with Tea Trio.