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Spirulina Tabs, 100 Tablets, 500 mg, From Nutrex Hawaii
Nutrex Hawaii

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  • Spirulina Tabs, 100 Tablets, 500 mg, From Nutrex Hawaii

Spirulina Tabs, 100 Tablets, 500 mg, From Nutrex Hawaii

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Manufacturer : Nutrex Hawaii
UPC : 732894010017
Manufacturer Part #: NX0007
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Spirulina Tabs 500 mg, 100 Tablets, From Nutrex Hawaii Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Cold Pressed Spirulina Tablets is a whole food that is high in chlorophyll, proteins, enzymes, minerals, beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Spirulina is used to regulate cholesterol levels, improve bowel function, healthful bacteria, anti-viral activity, enhances immune function, anti-tumor activity and can help repair DNA. For convenience and a quick nutritional boost anytime, our tablets can be carried in a purse, backpack or suitcase. Nutrex tablets can go everywhere with you whether it be camping, traveling, to the office, or just having fun, Spirulina Pacifica cold pressed tablets are the choice for you! Spirulina Pacifica (Hawaiian), Beta Carotene, Vitamin B, GLA, & Phytonutrients. The Hawaiian Spirulina advantage: Pesticide Free. Unique Spirulina Pacifica strain evolved in Hawaiian sun. Ultra-pure deep ocean water minerals and trace elements. Patented Ocean-Chill drying system-highest carotene content. Glass bottle and oxygen absorber for freshness and potency. Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica supports:
  • Eye Health
  • Immune Function
  • Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Cellular Health
  • Increased Energy