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Renewal IGF-1, 30 ml, 5-6 weeks supply
Renewal HGH

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  • Renewal IGF-1, 30 ml, 5-6 weeks supply

Renewal IGF-1, 30 ml, 5-6 weeks supply

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Renewal IGF-1, Potent Anti-Aging Formulation! Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is the body's principle growth factor. Renewal IGF-1 increases lean body mass, reduces fat, builds bone, muscle and nerves. One of the most exciting benefits of IGF-1 is its ability to repair peripheral nerve tissue that has been damaged by injury or illness. There is a feedback loop between the growth hormone in the pituitary and IGF-1 in the liver that regulates the increase levels at night and the increase of IGF-1 levels during the day. This physiological process is the reason many body-builders prefer to combine the two products with a goal of increasing protein synthesis while reducing protein breakdown. Renewal IGF-1 Formulated to:
  • Renewal IGF-1 Improve GH Activity
  • Renewal IGF-1 Increase Bone Density
  • Renewal IGF-1 Increase Lean Muscles
  • Renewal IGF-1 Help Glucose Metabolism
  • Renewal IGF-1 Encourage Tissue Repair
  • Renewal IGF-1 Encourage Cell Renewal
  • Renewal IGF-1 Increase IGF-2 Levels
  • Renewal IGF-1 Designed to Facilitate
  • Renewal IGF-1 Uptake of Oxygen
  • Renewal IGF-1 Acceleration of Protein Synthesis
  • Renewal IGF-1 Increased Muscular Force
  • Renewal IGF-1 Generation of Cellular ATP
  • Renewal IGF-1 Creation of Muscle Connective Tissues
  • Renewal IGF-1 All phases of Krebs Cycle