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Anavar, 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets, Hi-Tech
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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  • Anavar, 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets, Hi-Tech

Anavar, 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets, Hi-Tech

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Anavar 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets Product Description

Anavar 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets The main science behind this bodybuilding supplement is the way that it drives ATP (adenosine triphosphates) into muscle cells. Anavar 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets Anavar is considered the world’s first and only “Controlled-Release Natural Steroidal ”. This intense supplement improves muscle quality, increases strength, and boosts nitric oxide levels. The results are an increase in stamina, muscle pump, and better protein synthesis. The main science behind this bodybuilding supplement is the way that it drives ATP (adenosine triphosphates) into muscle cells. Anavar 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets This biological activity keeps blood vessels dilated and pumping at a sustained, elevated level. Anavar 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets With the steady increase of nutrients being supplied bodybuilders are able to build better muscle and focus on powerful pumps which produce ultimate mass gain.


Controlled Release. Natural Steroidal Agent. Magnifies Nitric Oxide through Arginase Inhibitors. Speed Up Muscle Growth and Increase Strength. Increase Protein Synthesis. Drive ATP into Muscle for Maximum Muscle Contraction. Improves Levels. Tablet formula. DUAL BIOAVAILABILITY COMPLEX

This technologically superior aspect of Anavar creates a 20:1 crysolvator ratio. The purpose behind this is to make sure that ATP is continually available for muscle building. As this occurs the levels of Nitric Oxide remain high and this produces an increase in cellular volume within muscles.

Along with making muscles bigger, this process also helps produce hard muscles that are cut and chiseled. 25R, a natural steroidal element is provided in a 33:1 /androgenic ratio to help prevent Cortisol buildup in muscles. This catabolic-fighting agent helps protect muscles from experiencing unnecessary fatigue and prevents muscle cramping.


With all of the powerful boosting, , nitric-oxide enhancing ingredients found in Anavar you wouldn’t want to run out of fuel midway through the best workout you’ve ever had. With the specialized Extend-Rx Technology found in this bodybuilding supplement you are able to stretch the dynamic powerhouse in each tablet.

After your workout when you are entering the important recovery phase of training, ingredients like Creatine Ethyl Ester and Creatine Monohydrate along with L-arginine, help make sure that muscles are able to achieve maximum nutrients throughout a healthy recovery of tired muscles.

Dietary Supplement. World's First and Only Controlled-Released Natural Steroidal Agent. Elevates levels throughout the day. Increases strength by stimulating adenosine triphosphate. Increases properties by promoting anabolism. Amplifies nitric oxide with arginase inhibitors. Revolutionary Muscle Building Catalyst Designed to Increase Strength and Size. Anavar is a synergistic formulation of potent, natural steroidal agents that follow numerous metabolic pathways to accelerate muscle growth and strength. Anavar stimulates and drives adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (the bimolecule that fuels intense muscular contraction) into muscle cells, elevates and sustains nitrous oxide production through arginase inhibition, increases protein synthesis, glucose uptake and deposition, and blocks the catabolic effects of Cortisol on muscle tissue. Anavar drives ATP into muscle tissue by incorporating a Dual Bioavailability Complex, a technologically sophisticated process utilizing a crysolvator at a 20:1 ratio, in which the negative and positive charges create a bond to ensure the bioavailability of ATP. Anavar also elevates nitrous oxide within muscle cells by utilizing its patent-pending arginase inhibitors BEC and ABH, whose enzymatic binding controls the arginine cascade, thus preventing L-Arginine from being broken down in the muscle pool. The result is more nitric oxide, leading to greater muscle cell volumization, enhanced muscular pumps, increased protein synthesis, and greater fluid displacement between muscle cells, which yields muscle hardness. Anavar also increases protein synthesis by incorporating the natural steroidal agent 25R, Spirostan-5A-diol-6-one-3-one, a compound with a 33:1 /androgenic ratio, studied extensively by the Russians, which also increases glucose uptake and glycogen deposition and blocks the catabolic effects of cortisol on muscle tissue. Proprietary Blend with Extend-Rx Technology 1900mg: S-(2 Boronethyl) L-Cysteine HCL, 2-(S)-Amino-6-Boronohexanoic Acid, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Arginine HCL, Inosine Ethyl Ester, Adenosine Triphosphate, 25-R-Spirostan-5A-Diol-6-One-3-One, Dehydroepiandrosterone Acetate, Dehydroepiandrosterone Cypionate, Dehydroepiandrosterone Propionate, Dehydroepiandrosterone Enanthate, Smilagenin, Hecogenin Acetate, 6-Keto-Diosgenin Cypionate, 6-Keto Diosgenin Propionate, 6-Keto Diosgenin Acetate 20-HydroxyEcdysone Deconate, Naringen, 6,7 Dihydroxy Bergamottin. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.) Directionstop

Suggested Use: Take 3 tablets twice daily. Take 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets in the afternoon or evening. Do not exceed recommended dosage as Anavar is potent agent. Anavar 180 Rapid & Controlled Released Tablets