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Choledrene, 90 Capsules, Hi-Tech Pharm
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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  • Choledrene, 90 Capsules, Hi-Tech Pharm

Choledrene, 90 Capsules, Hi-Tech Pharm

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Choledrene 90 Capsules Product Description

Choledrene 90 Capsules Each capsule of Choledrene also contains CoQ10 and L-arginine to help cardiovascular support. Choledrene is a health and wellness supplement designed to help you establish whole body nutritional support and balance. Choledrene 90 Capsules Monascus purpureus extract keeps lipid levels under control to help maintain cholesterol levels already established within a normal range. Choledrene 90 Capsules It is a form of a yeast extract. Each capsule of Choledrene also contains CoQ10 and L-arginine to help cardiovascular support. Choledrene 90 Capsules Along with these ingredients, Choledrene from HI-Tech Pharmaceuticals gives you Vitamin C, B-6, and the important B vitamin: Folic Acid.


Red Yeast Rice (Monascus purpureus) Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels. Naturally Cholesterol Lowering. Powerful Antioxidant Co-Q10. Heart Healthy Formula. RED YEAST RICE EXTRACT

Red yeast rice has a long history of being used in many other cholesterol-lowering supplements. Along with helping maintain your cholesterol it has been used to help increase general blood circulation as well as with relieving certain stomach ailments such as indigestion.

This natural ingredient comes from specific yeast known as Monascus purpureus that grows on rice. This is then often dried and used in its powdered form for a variety of products available including stomach ailing teas and circulation-boosting teas.


While it may not be one of the most abundant ingredients in Choledrene, folic acid supplies an important benefit. It is a b-vitamin that is normally found in the whole foods we eat such as kale, spinach, and broccoli. For many people these foods donít make a common appearance on the dinner table. Folic acid deficiency can manifest itself in a variety of manners that include liver disease and kidney failure. Its main purpose in the body is to assist in nutrient absorption along a variety of physiological processes.

Another primary use that people often use Folic Acid for is to help prevent memory loss and improve nerve pain. Overall it is considered to be an important vitamin to supplement with as we age and is found in Choledrene.

Dietary supplement. Helps maintain cardiovascular function and cholesterol levels already in normal range. Directionstop

Take 3 capsules daily. Do not exceed 3 capsules per day. Warningstop

Keep out of reach of children. Choledrene 90 Capsules