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Liver Care, 200 ml, By Himalaya

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  • Liver Care, 200 ml, By Himalaya

Liver Care, 200 ml, By Himalaya

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Liver Care 200 ml Product Description

Liver Care 200 ml Himalaya Healthcare has been offering the world naturally based quality Herbal supplements since 1930. In over a quarter of a century’s time, the company has expanded to offer its products to 76 countries worldwide. Liver Care 200 ml This global leader in natural medicine that has been clinically proven and subject to rigorous scientific study and has reinvented the way the world thinks about natural medicine.Liver Care 200 ml

LiverCare is one of Himalaya Healthcare’s natural products that offer healthy Liver Support. TLiver Care 200 ml he special proprietary formula was first offered to the public in 1955. With so many years on the market, LiverCare is a tried and true formula that can stimulate and improve liver function with continuous use, in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


The basis of Himalaya Healthcare’s products is the combination of modern scientific innovation with ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of medicinal plants. The basis of Himalaya Healthcare’s products is the combination of modern scientific innovation with ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of medicinal plants. Ayurveda is a system of medical practice that spans over 4,000 years.

According to the tenets of Ayurveda, every person belongs to one of four body types, and specific herbs are proscribed according to that body type to enhance the body’s performance and to assist in combating illness and injury. While traditional Ayurvedic medicine prescribes medicine in accordance to a specific body type, Himalaya Healthcare’s proprietary herbal blends are suitable for all body types. While LiverCare is not Ayurvedic in the strict sense of the word, it embodies the Ayurvedic principles of natural healing using natural ingredients.


LiverCare is the world’s Number One Liver Formula, and it’s easy to see why: it supports liver function in more ways than one. With antioxidant properties that support liver cell integrity, Himalaya Healthcare’s proprietary formula has been subjected to clinical toxicity/safety studies and trials. LiverCare contains natural ingredients like Caper Bush, Chicory and Black Nightshade, which have been traditionally used to stimulate and regulate the liver. Caper Bush is a hepatic stimulant that improves the functional efficiency of the liver. Chicory, another powerful hepatic stimulant, increases bile secretions and promotes digestion, while aiding in the inhibition of free radicals. Black Nightshade is prized for its support of healthy liver, skin, kidney and bladder function. Recent studies show that the positive effect of Black Nightshade may be due to suppression of the oxidative degradation of DNA.

Arjuna is a choice herb in Ayurvedic medicine for its natural promotion of cardiovascular health. Arjuna has lipid-regulating benefits that have been linked to its ability to modulate the blood’s absorption of lipids. Yarrow, another key ingredient in LiverCare, has been used traditionally to treat digestive and urinary functions. Helpful in regulating bile and gastric secretions, Yarrow is an important part of the proprietary herbal formula that makes LiverCare so effective.


Himalaya Healthcare has effectively combined nearly a century of medical innovation with four thousand years of traditional herbal healing. The company estimates that somewhere in the world, someone uses a Himalaya Healthcare product every quarter of a second. Producing 2 billion herbal supplement caplets a year to meet global demand for its natural products, Himalaya Healthcare is not only a leader in natural wellness, it is a pioneer in the industry.


Take 2 tsp 2 to 3 times a day, preferably with meals. Shake well before use. Warningstop

Keep out of direct light and out of the reach of children. Liver Care 200 ml