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Hylands #9 Natrum Mur, 125 Tablets, From Hyland's

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  • Hylands #9 Natrum Mur, 125 Tablets, From Hyland's

Hylands #9 Natrum Mur, 125 Tablets, From Hyland's

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Manufacturer : Hyland's
UPC : 354973643383
Manufacturer Part #: HY0198
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Hylands #9 Natrum Mur -- 125 Tablets, From NuAge Labs

Homeopathic Tissue Remedy--For the temporary symptomatic relief of the symptoms of Colds, Headaches, and Bed Wetting. Nat Mur acts with the body to redistribute water. Excessive moisture or dryness in any part of the body is a clear indication of a Nat Mur deficiency. Running watery colds with loss of smell or taste, painful nose and throat symptoms, hay fever, heartburn, headaches, low spirits, hangovers and constipation are all indications that may be relieved by Nat Mur. Symptoms are generally worse with noise, mental exertion and heat and better with open air and cool bathing. Nat Mur is specifically useful for: Colds with symptoms of thin, watery runny nose. Sometimes the Nat Mur cold is accompanied by violent sneezing and weakness. Headaches-Although many different types of headaches are common, the symptoms of throbbing, blinding headaches that feel as if little hammers are pounding on the head are often relieved by Nat Mur. Bed Wetting is a fairly common habit with some young children. It may be due to nervousness, indigestion, too much liquid before retiring or just a habit. Bed wetting that is accompanied by acid stomach symptoms may be relieved with Nat Mur.

Hyland's #9 Natrum Mur -- 125 Tablets, From NuAge Labs