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Training-PEAK, 30 Training Packs, By Inner Armour
Inner Armour

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  • Training-PEAK, 30 Training Packs, By Inner Armour

Training-PEAK, 30 Training Packs, By Inner Armour

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Manufacturer : Inner Armour
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Training-PEAK 30 Training Packs Training Peak by Inner Armour WHY YOU NEED TRAINING-PEAK As you train, many thousands of biochemical reactions are occurring inside your body simultaneously. Training-PEAK 30 Training Packs These reactions allow your muscles to generate force (contract) and make your body move. Training-PEAK 30 Training Packs They are carried out by enzymes that are as critically dependent on vitamins, minerals and other co-factors for their function as a knife is on its blade. Training-PEAK 30 Training Packs Enzymes are continually being synthesized and broken down, causing their vitamin and mineral “blades” to be excreted from the body in the process. That’s why you need a continual supply of fresh vitamins, minerals and co-factors. Should the supply run out, the biochemical reactions that make your training possible will come to a screeching halt. Athletes who take TRAINING-PEAK don’t have to worry. It contains many thousands of vitamins, minerals and co-factors, plus amino acids, enzymes and omega-3 fatty acids. Training-PEAK 30 Training Packs Ingredients in TRAINING-PEAK have been clinically shown to reduce post-training muscle soreness and strength loss, mop up damaging free radicals, suppress levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, stimulate muscle protein anabolism, and otherwise protect and enhance your ability to sustain higher muscular forces at higher speeds, also known as “speed X strength”, or power. And when it comes to performance, power is what is what defines a great athlete. Training-PEAK 30 Training Packs