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Beta NOX Pre-Workout Mix, Berry Lemonade, 12 Pack, BetaNOX, By IDS

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  • Beta NOX Pre-Workout Mix, Berry Lemonade, 12 Pack, BetaNOX, By IDS

Beta NOX Pre-Workout Mix, Berry Lemonade, 12 Pack, BetaNOX, By IDS

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Manufacturer : IDS Sports
UPC : 675941001951
Manufacturer Part #: 2090088
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Beta NOX Increases Both Strength And Aerobic Endurance! Can you push past the pain to get to true muscle failure in each set? A great bodybuilder once said that anyone can do 12 reps, but true champions push for 14, 15, 16 reps. True champions can push past the pain to get every ounce out of their muscles. Most of us can’t withstand the pain brought on by mountains of lactic acid attacking our muscles while training. BetaNOX pre workout intensity drink quickly buffers lactic acid during any intense training. At the same time BetaNOX spikes Nitric Oxide levels in the blood helping to increase blood flow to working muscles creating Flash Pumps! Engorging muscles and swelling, which all of us know and love!
  • Produces Mental Intensity & Focus!
  • Induces Rapid Muscle Growth!
  • Increases Both Strength Aerobic Endurance!
  • Stop Lactic Acid!
    BetaNOX contains BETASOL, Micro Enhanced Beta Alanine which acts like a sponge to soak up the H+ ions which build up during high intensity exercise. The Hydrogen ions cause the intense soreness leading to reduced performance. Beta Alanine quickly works to create carnosine which quite literally eliminates H+ ions! Boosting muscle performance! Induces Flash Pumps!
    BetaNOX combines the obvious need for intensity and mental focus with ARGISOL. In this readily absorbable liquid form, ARGISOL induces “Flash Pumps”. This means within seconds of your first exercise ARGISOL opens your blood vessels allowing a much larger volume of blood to flow to muscle group you are training. This tremendous flow of blood not only increases the muscle size but also the anabolic activity or muscle growth during the workout. With enlarged veins and swollen muscle bellies, BetaNOX delivers the feeling you are looking for and the look you are trying to achieve.