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MassPort, Mass & Strenth Gains, Grape, 2.3 lbs, By Infinite Labs
Infinite Labs

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  • MassPort, Mass & Strenth Gains, Grape, 2.3 lbs, By Infinite Labs

MassPort, Mass & Strenth Gains, Grape, 2.3 lbs, By Infinite Labs

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MassPort Mass & Strenth Gains Most bodybuilders and athletes know that in order to elicit the greatest strength and size gains when training, adequate attention must be directed towards the recovery process. After completing an intense training session, MassPort Mass & Strenth Gains your body is starving for the nutrients it needs to repair and recover.MassPort Mass & Strenth Gains Infinite LabsŪ MassportŪ introduces a Multi-layered Stimulus Reinforcing Network that may lengthen and support the myotropic stimulus of your workout by assertively surrounding the muscles with 32 ingredients yielding six components that expand every area of your muscle, including the intravascular, intracellular and extracellular spaces, while simultaneously reducing metabolic stress and re-synthesizing energy. MassPort Mass & Strenth Gains This is the [portal of mass] that MassportŪ takes the muscles through; on the other side of this port awaits the restoring levels of protein and glycogen, thusly ensuring your body the adequate recovery it needs to grow larger.*

The muscle [pump] is thought by many to hold the missing links between the act of lifting weights and the stimulation of muscle myotrophy, or the hypertrophy of skeletal muscle tissue. In general, the less effective a particular exercise modality is at producing the pump, the less effective it tends to be at stimulating myotrophy. During exercise, blood flow to the working muscle tissue increases, otherwise known as reactive hyperemia-the higher the exercises- intensity level, the greater the hyperemic response. High-intensity training engorges the muscles with blood, and various metabolic by-products accumulate inside them when the muscles contract, causing water to move inside the muscle fibers via osmosis. MassPort Mass & Strenth Gains This ultimately causes the fibers to swell, or become [pumped]. This is thought to trigger biochemical processes (i.e. protein synthesis) that eventually result in muscle fiber hypertrophy and increased muscle size.*

Following a workout, the fibers eventually regain their metabolic composure and the [pump] disappears. In many instances, unless you maintain a sufficiently large pump, there will be no actual increase in your muscle size following [ workout. In other words, not only must you achieve a large enough pump - larger than you endured during your last workout -but you must also maintain the pump for an adequate amount of time, ideally longer than was the case with your last workout. Once these two variables are met, the muscles will experience a myotropic stimulus of sufficient magnitude, and accordingly, cause the muscles to grow. With Infinite LabsŪ MassportŪ, you may ensure this training stimulus stays alive long after the last rep. It may amplifiy this stimulus at levels that will go well above and beyond what can be accomplished by even the most intense training session.*

Every key component in Infinite LabsŪ MassportŪ may affect various physical and chemical layers involved in exercise-induced muscle hypertrophy:

Glyco-Carbon Polymer Component Intravascular expansion* Increases plasma volume* Increases vascularity* Increases muscle fullness* Intracellular & extracellular expansion* Increases muscle shape & definition* Energy re-synthesis* Supports all processes* Anabolism* Increases glycogen synthesis* Increases protein synthesis*

Osmotically-Active Tissue Expansion Component Intravascular expansion* Intracellular expansion* Anabolism* Metabolic stress reduction* Optimizes muscle strength* Facilitates overall contractile performance*

Signal Extension & Reinforcement Component Anabolism* Energy re-synthesis*

Creatinated Energetic Substrate Component Intracellular & extracellular expansion* Energy re-synthesis* Metabolic stress reduction*

Membrane Polarity Support Component Intracellular & extracellular expansion* Anabolism* Energy re-synthesis* MassPort Mass & Strenth Gains