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MassPort, Mass & Strenth Gains, Fruit Punch, 2.3 lbs, By Infinite Labs
Infinite Labs

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  • MassPort, Mass & Strenth Gains, Fruit Punch, 2.3 lbs, By Infinite Labs

MassPort, Mass & Strenth Gains, Fruit Punch, 2.3 lbs, By Infinite Labs

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Manufacturer : Infinite Labs
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Post Workout Portal For Maximum Mass Gains! MASSPORT A Post-workout Portal for Maximum Mass Gains! Reinforce Your Strength, Power and Recovery with Infinite Labs… The Thrill of Performance! MassPort is a post-workout myotrophic stimulus reinforcer with 6 Layers of training stimulus reinforcing & extending action*. It amplifies anabolic signaling strength of any workout* while expanding & solidifying every conceivable corner of muscle tissue* to help you acheive maximum muscle adaptation, mass & strength gains*. MassPort extends and reinforces the stimulus of training so that every workout yields bigger, stronger muscles, not just some of them. Each ingredient in its Multi-Layered Stimulus Reinforcer Network spreads with capillary-like action into every nook and cranny of muscle, including individual muscle fibers and the extracellular and intravascular spaces, causing it to expand, solidify and grow even after workouts which might have otherwise lacked sufficient myotrophic power to produce gains. MASSPORT turns the single-lane “country road” of contemporary post-workout formulas into an unprecedented 32-lane myotrophic “superhighway” that keeps the training stimulus alive and building long after your last rep. Bursting with flavor, MASSPORT supports accelerated & sustained post-workout gains in:
  • Whole-muscle mass, strength, shape, definition & hardness
  • Plasma volume, vascularity & fullness
  • Blood glucose recovery & energy stabilization
  • Whole-body glycogen & protein anabolism
  • Optimization of muscle adaptation, growth & contractile performance