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Phenyl Core Appetite Control, 100 Capsules, By Infinite Labs
Infinite Labs

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  • Phenyl Core Appetite Control, 100 Capsules, By Infinite Labs

Phenyl Core Appetite Control, 100 Capsules, By Infinite Labs

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Manufacturer : Infinite Labs
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Phenyl Core A Great Weight Loss Supplement Attacking The Core Issues In Weight Loss! Infinite Labs brings you Phenyl Core, an innovative weight loss supplement designed to oxidize fat, elevate your mood, increase your energy level, and provide strong appetite control. Its effectiveness stems from two sources:
  • The radical blend of ingredients, each purposefully selected for maximum performance.
  • The ingenious Thermochip Granule Technology allows for greater absorption of the ingredients by your system.
  • The NeuroPhen Mood Complex is engineered with mood-elevating elements known as P.E.A.s (phenylethylamines). These alkaloids are naturally occurring, and are suggested to have a positive effect on our Limbic System, which controls our basic needs, emotions and desires. P.E.A.s are beneficial in weight loss formulas because they leave you energized, charged, and mentally focused. 4-hydroxy-phenethyl-amine is an amino acid derived from tyrosine. By releasing norepinephrine-adrenalin, it has the ability to increase dopamine levels resulting in greater energy levels. The Infinite Burn Proprietary Complex is a combination of efficacious ingredients that serves one purpose - weight loss. Hordenine for fat oxidation, Konjac Root for appetite control/satiety, Cissus Quadrangularis to increase satiety, and Rhodiola Rosea for endurance. Phenyl Core offers you a complete solution for weight loss. This tremendous formula is the perfect tool to support you in maximizing training efforts, cutting excess fat, and controlling your appetite. Finally a product that assists with the physical side of weight loss, while positively improving your overall mood, so you feel great as you undergo your Transformation. Train hard, eat right, and unleash your potential.