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IsoBolic, Chocolate, 908 Grams, From Nutrabolics

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  • IsoBolic, Chocolate, 908 Grams, From Nutrabolics
  • IsoBolic, Chocolate, 908 Grams, From Nutrabolics
  • IsoBolic, Chocolate, 908 Grams, From Nutrabolics
  • IsoBolic, Chocolate, 908 Grams, From Nutrabolics

IsoBolic, Chocolate, 908 Grams, From Nutrabolics

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Manufacturer : Nutrabolics
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The Future of Protein Powder is Isobolic! Nutrabolics is setting the industry standard once again with the newest addition to our revolutionary line - IsoBolic. A specially formulated advanced protein matrix designed to supply your body with 45 grams of sustained release protein for constant protein retention. This superior combination of Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Egg Isolate is combined in specific ratios to provide your body with a constant supply of amino-acids into the bloodstream, which can last up to 6 hours. IsoBolic is not just a “protein” it is a Designer BodyBuilding Food, which allows you to grow bigger, leaner, and stronger. You are about to be introduced to the future of Protein. It is called IsoBolic, and it is without a doubt the single most amazing protein powder to be synthesized and sold as a nutritional supplement. The leader of Nutrabolics, master chemist Rodney Dupont, was the person who discovered NOZ and introduced it to the market in 2003. For the past 12 months Rodney Dupont has been working around the clock on one project. While Rodney kept quiet and worked on the development of what essentially could be called the WORLD'S BEST PROTIEN. Rodney wanted this protein to have all the attributes most critical to the perfect protein. It had to be:
  • The ultimate in slow digesting protein
  • High fiber and essential fat
  • Taste great
  • Naturally occurring
  • Mix instantly
  • Nutrabolics is different. We produce products that are backed up by hard scientific fact, and we strive for perfection! IsoBolic is made up of three of the best protein sources, each with it's own anabolic and anti-catabolic properties, including CFM Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Egg Isolate. Not only does IsoBolic contain the most effective and potent protein profile of it's kind, it also contains a supreme blend of “good” fat-burning fats that are utilized by the body as energy sources and help your body to access its own body fat stores for energy. To make it simple, the more “good” fat you put in your body, the more “bad” fat leaves your body. And IsoBolic contains the two best sources of “good” unsaturated healthy fats, in the form of conjugated linoleic acid and flaxseed powder. The addition of these “good” fats in the IsoBolic matrix will in turn jump-start your metabolism and help your body burn more calories at a quicker pace. Isobolic is the most complete protein in the industry. With a synergistic combination of the most effective proteins for fast and sustained uptake, IsoBolic keeps you in positive nitrogen balance for up to 7 hours. The addition of IsoBolic supplemented properly in one's daily diet will lead to the ability to build muscle quicker and burn fat faster than ever possible before.