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Garlic + Ginger, Garlic Freeze Dried Ginger, 100 Capsules, From Jarrow
Jarrow Formulas

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  • Garlic + Ginger, Garlic Freeze Dried Ginger, 100 Capsules, From Jarrow

Garlic + Ginger, Garlic Freeze Dried Ginger, 100 Capsules, From Jarrow

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Manufacturer : Jarrow Formulas
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Jarro-Gar Odor Modified Garlic Freeze-Dried Ginger

Jarro-Gar contains the original amino acids, vitamins, minerals and special sulphur compounds, including allin, allinase, allicin and diallyldisulfide compounds, and selenium naturally occurring in garlic.

Freeze-Dried Ginger (6:1 Extract) preserves all the active principles such as gingerol, gingediol, gingediacetate, zingerone, ziniberene and zingiberaceae.

Garlic Oil - a known friend to the immune and circulatory systems. Creates Unfavorable Environment For Microbial Growth. Maintains normal circulation, cholesterol, bile flow, and blood sugar levels

Garlic oil is an easy to swallow capsule with no taste or odour. Constant research is being done to test the efectiveness of garlic oil in strengthening the body’s immune system against minor infection such as thrush and athletes foot, lowering cholesterol levels and to monitor high blood pressure. It effectiveness is chest, throat, bronchial and catarrh condition is well known.

Only the best quality Garlic with a high level of Allicin, the active ingredient of oil is used in manufacturing Garlic Oil capsule. These capsules supply the full goodness one expects from whole garlic product.

Garlic's healing powers are broad and varied. Researchers are excited about the prospect that garlic oil may help to protect against certain cancers. That's because it contains cancer-fighting chemicals called allyl sulfides. In addition, allicin's antioxidant properties in allicin may inactivate cell-damaging free radicals and assist the immune system in destroying early cancer cells. Specifically, studies have found that garlic is potentially beneficial in preventing digestive cancers, and it may possibly act against breast and prostate cancers as well.

When taken orally, garlic oil may lessen stomach upset, and when it's applied topically in the form of an oil, garlic oil may help heal insect bites and even shrink unsightly but harmless common warts.

Garlic oil benefits the heart in numerous ways. By making blood platelets less likely to clump and stick to artery walls, it lessens the risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and a subsequent heart attack. The latest findings indicate that the clot-busting compound ajoene, a derivative of allicin, discourages the development of artery-hardening plaque.