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True CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate), 60 Capsules, 380mg, From Jarrow
Jarrow Formulas

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  • True CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate), 60 Capsules, 380mg, From Jarrow

True CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate), 60 Capsules, 380mg, From Jarrow

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Manufacturer : Jarrow Formulas
UPC : 790011190158
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Cetyl Myristoleate is an herbal medicine used to treat and prevent joint problems such as arthritis. True CMO contains concentrated extract of the fatty acid cerasomal-cis-9-acetyl-myristoleate from natural bovine source. CMO is not found in any vegetable oils or other common foods. CMO is found in low amounts in animal connective tissue. True CMO contains the identical compound referenced in a published clinical trial, which is a bovine product and not from a vegetable source. Vegetable oils do not contain cetyl myristoleate. True CMO:
  • (Cetyl Myristoleate)
  • Fatty Acid Complex for Joints
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Cetyl-Myristoleate also known as CMO or CM, was discovered by Harry W. Diehl, a researcher at the National Institutes of Health, working alone in his home lab. Diehl took a fatty acid, myristoleic acid, and combined it with a fatty alcohol molecule, cetyl alcohol, creating an ester of that fatty acid called cetyl myristoleate. He discovered that it was the presence of this compound in swiss albino mice that prevented them from developing joint problems. Diehl's laboratory experiments on CM were published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences in March, 1994. It is believed that CMO acts as a type of joint "lubricant" and anti-inflammatory agent. Based on animal studies and several human case histories CMO is now believed to be a useful and effective treatment for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.