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Clitoris Stimulation Gel, 10cc, From JO System
JO System

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  • Clitoris Stimulation Gel, 10cc, From JO System

Clitoris Stimulation Gel, 10cc, From JO System

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Clitorius Stimulation Gel Sensual Solution For Women!

Clitoral stimulation gel from the JO system is a pH balanced and hormone free solution created to promote sexual sensitivity in women, and it can even increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasm.

The first several times you use this gel you should apply it yourself and massage a very small amount (about the size of a drop of water) onto your clitoris, then you can start using more or re-applicating until you find your preferential amount.

A warm tingling sensation will begin to take effect in around three to five minutes, and the effects can last up to forty five minutes.

Make sure you only apply the gel to the clitoris and not on the labia or vagina, as this will cause irritation. That's why, though this gel can also be used to stimulate the penis, having sex afterwards will cause vaginal discomfort.

If you used too much gel or applied it to the wrong area, remove it with a wash cloth or paper towel. Don't wash it off; the gel is water based, so washing it off will only spread the irritation. Though this gel is not meant to be ingested, oral sex, as well as sex with a condom is safe afterwards.

Some women who complain they've ""lost that lovin' feelin'"" find that sensitizing gel is the perfect love potion, but anyone can benefit from this gel's sensitizing properties.

All in all this sensitizing gel is a simple and highly effective way of enhancing your big O.