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Lean Tabs, Fat Cutting Cycle, 90 Tablets, By Fizogen

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  • Lean Tabs, Fat Cutting Cycle, 90 Tablets, By Fizogen

Lean Tabs, Fat Cutting Cycle, 90 Tablets, By Fizogen

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Fizogen Lean Tabs Dramatically Increases Fat Loss And Greatly Enhances Muscle Tone!

Lean Tabs

Lean Tabs is a cutting edge advancement in fat loss science that utilizes sophisticated MSHT (Multifaceted Systematic Hyper-Metabolic technology), which may help to dramatically speed lypolysis and greatly enhance muscle tone. Nine highly potent and inherently unique mechanisms of action are employed to attack fat-loss from multiple biochemical pathways. DEXAFENADRINE (Hybrid Thermogenic Fusion):
Fizogen Lean Tabs this groundbreaking fusion contains 5 precise forms of extracts yielding potent active constituents. When combined, these may promote dramatic increases in thermogenesis. These extracts have been isolated to provide the following primary bioactive xanthines: Caffeine, (EECG) epigallocatechin gallate, theobromine, polyphenols phenylethylamine and methylxanthines. Citrus Naringin and L-Taurine have been added to help enhance the impact of these compounds by augementing the intensity and duration of their bioactivity. Caffeine Anhydrous and Vinpocetine have also been added to amplify these effects and further stimulate metabolic rate. HYDROPROPOL (Water Removal Complex):
Fizogen Lean Tabs This potent compound is an extreme blend of natural diuretic compounds that may dramatically aid the removal of subcutaneous water levels. Quick drops in water levels under the skin and in fat deposits have been associated with a very radical transformation including a hardening, tightening and finishing of a competitors look. CARBOXEN (Carbo-Metabolic Driving Agent):
Fizogen Lean Tabs Cutting edge compound, which may dramatically enhance the utilization of carbohydrates for energy rather than be stored as body fat. C-AMP SCB (Cyclic AMP Triggering Agent):
Fizogen Lean Tabs Advanced blend of compounds, which may promote the initiation of the fat burning process. Cyclic AMP (Adenosine Monophosphate) is a biochemical process that is essential to burn stored body fat as energy. MYOTONAL (Muscle Tone Enhancer):
Fizogen Lean Tabs Blend of extracts containing specialized bioactive saponins, which may enhance anabolic activity to promote the preservation of muscle mass during fat cutting cycles. This mild anabolic agent is equally beneficial and highly recommended for both men and women due to its lack of unwanted androgen based substrates. Anabolic activity may directly stimulate enhanced rates of lypolysis. NEUROTROL (Appetite Controlling Blend):
Fizogen Lean Tabs High-tech blend of compounds, which may promote control of appetite and help user to feel full during periods of intense dieting. TETRAVALINE (Thyroid T3/T4 Secretagogue):
Fizogen Lean Tabs A potent mixture of compounds, which may dramatically stimulate the production and manufacture of thyroid hormones in the body. Thyroid hormone is reported to enhance metabolic rate resulting in enhanced rates of fat loss. DIGESTOL (Hyper Digestive Fusion):
Fizogen Lean Tabs This designer blend of compounds may gently speed and support the digestive process. EGC-HEAT (Thermobolic Accelerator):
Fizogen Lean Tabs A compound that may dramatically increase core body temperature and enhance thermogenesis. EGC-HEAT may synergize with other ingredients, specifically DEXAFENADRINE and TETRAVALINE to help rapidly enhance metabolic rate and resting core temperature.

Lean Tabs