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Levrone Formula, Full Blown Berry, 14.2 oz.

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  • Levrone Formula, Full Blown Berry, 14.2 oz.

Levrone Formula, Full Blown Berry, 14.2 oz.

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Levrone Formula took shape during my 8-week body transformation in 2009. It's a powerful, no-nonsense blend that gave me the full-blown pump, energy and focus I needed to blast through my workouts and get big and cut, quickly. It has no fillers, no gimmicks, no sugar, no articficial colors or flavors. Levrone Formula is part of my endless transformation and I invite you to make it part of yours. It's a pro-grade product-please use with responsibility. Arginine AKG-5 grams for massive nitric pump & improved strength and endurance. Citrulline Malate-3 grams augments blood NO2 production and boost energy. Peak ATP-250 mgs of the exact molecule your muscles require for improved endurance. NADH-5 mgs concerts to ATP and turns tyrosine into dopamine for improved endurance.