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Luna Protein Bar, Cookie Dough, 12 Bars, By Clif
Clif Bar

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  • Luna Protein Bar, Cookie Dough, 12 Bars, By Clif

Luna Protein Bar, Cookie Dough, 12 Bars, By Clif

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Luna Protein Bar Cookie Dough Luna Protein Bar:

The Luna Protein Bar is a great extension to the already popular Luna brand from Clif Bar; which primarily targets the female athletic/active market. The Luna Protein Bar addresses the unique nutritional needs of the female athlete while maintaining a palatable texture and taste. Many studies have shown that women tend to have nutrient and vitamin deficiencies in very specific areas, so the ability of the Luna Protein Bar to combine the nutrition in a form that women will actually consume on a consistent basis before and after training is key to the strength of the female athlete in the long term.

One Of The Best Tasting Protein Bars On The Market:

The Luna Protein Bar has a soft and chewy texture, much like a candy bar or cookie. Many Protein Bars are very dense and hard to repeatedly consume for any duration without them feeling heavy and like a brick in your stomach, so you're not likely to eat them. Even with just 200 calories, the Luna Protein Bar fills you up and keeps you satisfied, but not uncomfortably full. Having just the right amount of nutrition before and after intense endurance activity is key; since when you're hungry a number of factors can come into play such as early fatigue, early Energy crash and the inability to concentrate (dangerous on the bike and while running on roads). Your physical and mental efforts will not be optimal without the right balance of protein and carbohydrates already in your system. Recovery is also hugely improved when you replace these essential nutrients so that your body can rest and repair itself more efficiently with the right ingredients. The Luna Protein Bar only gives you ingredients which will active improve your pre and post athletic performance. All of the ingredients are natural, Kosher and none of the products are genetically engineered in any way so you can feel confident you are consuming a natural, healthy and productive sports supplement.

Luna Bar Ingredients:

One of the most essential ingredients in the Luna Protein Bar is the 12 grams of protein in each bar. Protein is an absolutely essential ingredient in the muscle growth and repair. Many studies have shown that many women are seriously deficient in this key nutrient. Women athletes especially need to have an adequate amount of protein to perform well and recover quickly after difficult workouts. With just 3 grams of fiber, the bar keeps you full, but the lower amount of fiber keeps your GI tract relaxed and not queasy. The Luna Protein Bar also have several key ingredients such as folic acid, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D as well as antioxidant vitamins A, C and E that women often lack in their diet and are even more essential to their optimal performance. The folic acid contained in the Luna Protein Bar has also been shown in studies to reduce blood pressure. The low glycemic index means that you'll benefit from a steady release of the nutrients instead of a quick spike and then a crash and burn of energy.

Using the Luna Protein Bar Effectively:

The Luna Protein Bar is meant to be consumed before athletic activity or after to expedite the recovery process. Since one of the main components is protein, you'll get the most benefits of the muscle increasing and repairing action before and after. Plus, many studies have shown that ingesting protein during activity can actually decrease the benefits you would otherwise receive from carbohydrates. The Luna Protein Bar is not meant to be a meal replacement but more of a supplement to a healthy and active lifestyle.


Contains Soy, Dairy, Peanuts, and Almonds. May contain traces of other Tree Nuts. We source ingredients that are not genetically engineered. Contains 37% Organic Ingredients. Luna Protein Bar Cookie Dough